Gaming is said to have originated about 1980, and the vast selection of video games has been growing tremendously ever since. Despite this, newcomers to the culture continue to join numerous virtual worlds regularly. Even though not everyone can jump right into games like Call of Duty or The Witcher series, there are still a ton of simple games available for immediate play.

A game’s complexity and content volume aren’t necessarily conducive to enjoyment. Many games don’t rely on depth or too complex mechanics to give a good time; often, the simplest approach results in the most successful title.

Legend of Zelda

The first Legend of Zelda is a deceptively simple game to pick up; nevertheless, it can be a little challenging to complete the mission. In light of this, it’s still a timeless adventure that every player ought to play at least once, especially if they want to review their gaming background.

Retro games are frequently among the simplest to pick up and play without many tutorials, explanations, or even narratives. The Zelda series is an all-time favorite narrative in all of gaming, though. Although it may not be entirely entry-level, it is simple enough to try it out.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports can be played by anybody who can swing a bat, roll a bowling ball down a lane, or throw a punch. There’s no doubting the hours of entertainment the game provided, even if motion controls were a novelty and still in the works at the time of its debut.

The ability to physically rise up and “play” golf or baseball from the comfort of your living room was a revolutionary idea for its day, despite the limited number of sports available. It would be great to review the content as a remake will soon be released for the Nintendo Switch.

Push the buttons, move to the right, and watch the bad guys tumble. A player can win any side-scrolling beat-’em-up effectively if they can master those three straightforward tasks. There are several games in this venerable genre, but Final Fight is the one that established the standard for all others.

This popular arcade game is easy to play yet challenging enough to eat up players’ coins left and right. New and experienced players can quickly get into the action-packed game and take on one of the three combatants to serve up their own brand of street justice.


The sole rules for playing Centipede are to shoot the bugs and avoid getting struck. This shooter is one of the most well-known and addictive games produced by Atari, a company that served among the premier pillars of developing the gaming industry.

Even decades after it initially appeared in arcades, its blend of simple gameplay and addictiveness has gamers returning for more. Even in this era of real money online slots, the legendary Centipede continues to draw a set of both new and established video gamers. It’s a pleasantly repetitive experience that appeals to gamers of any skill level and is undoubtedly one of the most iconic vintage games to grace a cabinet or a screen.

Space Invaders

Games like Space Invaders are entirely responsible for the birth of games like Galaga, Gradius, and Ikaruga. Similar to Centipede, its easy controls are simple to understand, and its repeated gameplay targets the addictive region of a player’s brain. Because of this, regardless of the console, it’s still a rather basic experience.

There are other space shooters, but Space Invaders is probably the simplest example. There’s a reason it is still available in arcades worldwide, even if it may not be the most intriguing entry in the category.


Two lines and a dot are about as simple as it gets. Pong is still among the most entertaining video games, despite this. It’s still as pleasant and simple today as it was back in the 1970s, despite its relatively simplistic approach to tennis.

Even though the days of Atari’s clumsy 2600 are long gone, Pong and its many clones are still available on a wide range of devices. It’s also important to note that playing against a human opponent rather than the built-in computer opponent makes the game considerably more engaging.

Super Mario Bros

It should not be surprising that the Mario Bros. games would be particularly simple to pick up and play given that Mario and Luigi are usually the first video game characters most players are introduced to. Mario has led the pack for decades, from the original 8-bit version to the more recent games seen on the Switch.

The plumber has been covered in pennies for such a long time because of his commitment to the tried-and-true formula. Mario must go from point A to point B while jumping on adversaries, gathering money and power-ups, and saving the princess. Don’t fix anything if it isn’t broken.