• McIntyre defeated Keith Lee during the broadcasts of the Legends Special Red Show on USA Network
  • Goldberg reappeared on RAW and faced Drew McIntyre after the match

During the RAW Legends Night broadcasts on the USA Network, superstar Drew McIntyre defended the WWE Championship after defeating Keith Lee in combat.

The confrontation was the central event of the special day of the red show. Keith Lee looked completely dominant in the first half of the fight, but McIntyre managed to cope with difficulty. The champion managed to escape a Spirit Bomb and quickly hit the Claymore Kick for the count of three. Moments later, Goldberg appeared in the ring and challenged Drew McIntyre to a showdown at the Royal Rumble.

In this way, Drew McIntyre defends the WWE Championship in his second title defense. The owner of the Claymore Kick won the title 49 days ago on Monday Night RAW. Drew McIntyre defeated former champion, Randy Orton, in a match that closed the day on November 16. The two men faced each other without disqualification until McIntyre hit the Claymore Kick that earned him his second maximum title at the company.

Keith Lee defeated Sheamus and earned a shot at the maximum title

The last episode of RAW of 2020 began with a heads-up between Keith Lee and Sheamus for a shot at the WWE Championship. The confrontation quickly became personal, being a physical exchange that lasted for several minutes. Despite the “The Celtic Warrior” struggle, it was Keith who finally managed to connect his Spirit Bomb before the count of three.