WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre was the most recent guest on the “Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin” podcast. During this edition, the current WWE maximum champion spoke about his crisis in 2010, the origin of 3MB, and the canceled match against The Undertaker. Next, his statements.

Drew McIntyreReveals The Origin Of 3MB

“3MB was formed in 2012, and I have to admit that we were dead living. Vince McMahon had this idea because he wanted to give Heath a group. He was doing a great job on his storyline with the legends. Names like Fandango or Dean came up. Ambrose, but Vince turned them down and clarified that he didn’t want anyone but Jinder Mahal and me. He wanted to see different people from each other and find different facets of our personalities. In my personal case, I just wanted to do something new. I was competing on a sideshow for two years and I wasn’t convinced by the idea, but in the end, it was something different. ”

Drew Recounts The Personal Crisis He Went Through In 2010

“It was the time when my mother received her cancer diagnosis, and I was forced to return to Scotland. She is the most important woman in my life, I could not ignore her just like that. At that time I also started drinking, and I remember I did it every night. Things did not go as expected, and I lost too much in professional and personal spheres. It was a vicious cycle, and I had to live the same reality night after night. My personal life was not the best at that time “.

Drew Talks About His Canceled Match Against The Undertaker

“They never told me about it directly, but I was supposed to face him at WrestleMania 26. I got to spend time with Shawn Michaels, and he told me that that idea was in the air. In the end, it was Undertaker facing Michaels in that retirement match, and I feel like it was the right thing to do. I wasn’t prepared for something that big back then. The bad thing is that it was after that WrestleMania that things started to go downhill for me. “