One of the most memorable matches that 2020 has left us has been that of AJ Styles against The Undertaker on the first night of WrestleMania 36. Both superstars faced each other in a Boneyard Match that would later be announced as the last meeting of “The Deadman. “prior to retirement.

In an interview for the TalkSport news portal, AJ Styles gave his impressions of this cinematic fight “If you asked me what I want for my retirement fight, I couldn’t give you an answer. And I’m sure Undertaker didn’t think about this fight for a year before WrestleMania. That match was a huge effort from a lot of people, but a lot of the logistics came from the Undertaker himself. I was just there to do my thing, and I think it was for those reasons that the Boneyard was so highly acclaimed.”

AJ Styles also explained his reaction upon learning that this would be the last showdown in The Undertaker’s legendary career. ” I literally called Undertaker a month after Wrestlemania just to ask if it was really going to be the end,” Styles clarified. “We talked for several minutes, and the truth is that he did the right thing and left on his own terms. He didn’t come out because of an injury or something. He was one of the few to say ‘You know something? It would be nice to leave it here.’ A lot about him, because with the injury-ridden industry, it’s hard to know how long you’ll be able to keep pace. ”

The definitive retirement of The Undertaker occurred in the last moments of the Survivor Series 2020 event. After a parade with several significant superstars for his career and a short speech by Vince McMahon, “The Deadman” appeared on the scene and gave his last words to the public. “For thirty long years, I have put many souls to rest. Now my time is up. The time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace.”

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