• Jeff Hardy explains a plan he would have in mind for a possible rivalry with The Fiend

Jeff Hardy was recently sent to Digital Spy where he was interviewed by Stephanie Chase. The Charismatic Enigma revealed his big ideas for a potential rivalry with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

During the interview, Jeff Hardy revealed that he is hoping for a rivalry between his alter ego Willow and The Fiend. According to Jeff, a storyline between the alter egos of Bray Wyatt and Jeff Hardy could be something impressive.

“I think something impressive could happen between a rivalry of mine with Bray Wyatt, or what is the same  The Fiend and Willow “, declared Jeff Hardy, also leaving a possibility that his gimmick of Willow returns. Hardy added that he would like him to look like a God or a very crazy character if he is.

“I have this great idea of wearing a black wedding dress with Willow pretending to be a God, or some kind of weird, wacky figure who has no feelings for anyone,” stated Jeff Hardy.

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