In order to fully decorate the bedroom, you need to know the list of definitions of the terms and objects. As you must have seen, shop linen sections are so large that they are split up into many categories. Since there are so many distinct pillowcases, pillows, duvet covers set, and other bedding items. Of course, it’s possible to become a bit confused, but being familiar with the definitions of the terms can help you make the right decision and choose the appropriate items. What exactly does the bedding set comprise?

Top sheet

The duvet’s top is covered with the top sheet. Although a bedspread is frequently used in its stead, this kind of bedding is also available. It assists in the orderly arranging of the bed linens during bedmaking. As a result, the top sheet and bedspread no longer need to be used together. The top sheet may stand alone and be used as the bed’s top decorative layer.

Bottom sheet

Contrary to the top sheet, the bottom sheet is positioned beneath the blankets. It is laid down on the bed and tucked beneath the mattress. This cloth often has borders that are nicely crafted and are the same size as a mattress. There are two varieties of bottom sheets: fitting and standard. The second type is much more practical to use because the elastic bands keep the sheet in place and prevent it from shifting while the bed is in use.


A coverlet is a decorative cloth covering that is typically not used to cover cushions or touch the floor. In other words, it is in the middle of the bed. The most common place to see it is in hotels, where the aesthetics of beds are closely scrutinized and where using a short bedspread is cost-effective because it is less expensive than typical.


The main difference between a bedspread and a coverlet is its larger size. It completely covers the bed and hangs down on the sides. There are several types of fabric from which bedspread is made all over the world:

  • wool;
  • cotton;
  • polyester.


Blankets are used for warmth. Such a bedding item is a thin canvas without filler. It is also called a summer blanket, as it is lightweight, and in the heat of summer, it maintains optimal body temperature at night. Most often, blankets are used for hospitals, kindergartens, and as a summer option. Blankets are made from different materials, but such fabrics are very popular:

  • wool;
  • cotton;
  • polyester;
  • microfiber plush;
  • blended fibers.


The bed’s final touch is the comforter. When the bed is made, it is laid on top of all of the bedding. Warmth-enhancing padding is marketed inside of comforters; it is encased in a duvet cover and sewn on all four sides. Comforters are the primary ornamental element in the bedroom and come in an almost infinite variety of colors, patterns, and designs. The majority of them are composed of polyester or cotton.


The sole distinction between this duvet and the one that came before it is that it requires covering with a duvet devoid of filling. A duvet is frequently marketed with insulation packed throughout its full surface and comes in a solid color on a rough fabric. The duvet cover protects the duvet. Similar to an envelope, it has a hole where the real blanket is placed. There are several different sorts of apertures, allowing the blanket to be comfortably inserted inside:

  • on a zipper;
  • on rivets;
  • on strings;
  • with smell;
  • with a hole at the top.

Duvet covers are usually highly decorative and are available in almost endless color and style options.

Euro or Continental Pillow

A decorative cushion that attaches to the headboard is called a “Euro pillow,” which is a big square pillow. It is put at the head of the bed within a lovely pillowcase with lace or satin edges, embroidery, or a quilted center. This piece is 60×60 or 50×70 cm in size. Despite its size, a pillow of this type is just required for decoration and cannot be used for sleeping.

Sleeping Pillow

A sleeping pillow can be either square or rectangular. The same pillow that you may use to gently lay your head while sleeping is this one. According to your bed or sleeping preferences, these pillows are available in three sizes: normal (40×60), medium (50×70), and royal (50×80).


A sleeping pillow and occasionally a decorative pillow are enclosed in a pillowcase. They often have a hole where the cushion is put at one end and are rectangular in shape. Pillowcases are available with a zipper or a wraparound fastener.

Knowing the definitions of the terminology used in the bedding will make it much simpler for you to construct your ideal bed, the place where you can rest and recharge every night. The greatest pricing and the highest quality can always be found at the online retailer “Linens & Hutch” for any bedding.