A total of 101 public officials, family members and guests irregularly received the Sinopharm vaccine candidate in Peru, including former President Martín Vizcarra (2018-2020), revealed this Thursday the commission in charge of investigating the “vaccinate.”
Along with the doses sent by Sinopharm to develop the trial of its vaccine candidate in Peru, the Chinese laboratory delivered 3,200 doses so that the teams in charge of the trial could inoculate their researchers. However, 1,200 of those doses were delivered to the Chinese embassy in Peru and the remaining 2,000 vaccines were sent to the research centers of the Cayetano Heredia and Mayor de San Marcos universities, which would carry out the trial with 12,000 volunteers.


The president of the investigative commission appointed by the Ministry of Health, Fernando Carbone, explained at a press conference that the Cayetano Heredia University sent him a list of 470 people who received the inoculation with that batch of vaccine candidates. Of these 470 people, 369 are part of the teams that have developed the trial, and 101 are related calls, which are personnel from the Ministry of Health, the Chancellery, relatives of both, and guests who have no relationship with them. “Carbone said.
Among the hundreds of ‘related’ are Vizcarra, his wife, and his brother, and among the officials who had no direct relationship with the trials are the now-former Health Ministers Pilar Mazzetti and Foreign Affairs Elizabeth Astete, who resigned shortly after the discovery of the ‘Get vaccinated’, two weeks ago. Carbone reported that “the team leaders invited those who were part of their research teams, but they are also the ones who made the decisions to invite other people.


Among those responsible is the principal investigator of the trial at the Cayetano Heredia University, Germán Málaga, as well as the researchers Hugo Garcia and Arturo Bustos, and the principal investigator of the San Marcos University, Eduardo Ticona. However, Carbone confirmed that there were also two liaisons in the ministries, the immunization advisor Carlos Castillo and the director of science and technology of the Foreign Ministry Arturo Jarama, who “presented people who had nothing to do with the research teams” to be vaccinated with those doses. In the case of Vizcarra, the former president was vaccinated last October at the Government Palace, before his dismissal in November, while the then Minister Mazzetti did so at his home, along with two advisers. Although Carbone remarked that it is not his responsibility to judge or qualify what happened, the commission’s report did make a series of recommendations to sanction the irregular vaccination of these people.


In the first place, it recommends that the withdrawal of confidence of the vaccinated officials who are still in their positions be evaluated, because as a result of this scandal the Executive asked them to make them available. Likewise, forward the report to the Attorney General’s Office to evaluate whether it is filing a constitutional complaint against the former Minister of Health for an alleged crime in the exercise of the function. Both Mazzetti and Astete and Vizcarra are currently being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crimes of concussion, incompatible negotiation, and influence peddling, among others, as a result of the ‘vaccinate. The commission also recommended that the investigation be referred to the disciplinary bodies of the Ministry of Health, professional associations, the universities involved, the Attorney General’s Office, the Public Ministry, and Congress, among other State entities.


For his part, the current Minister of Health, Oscar Ugarte, commented, after receiving the Carbone report, that he will carry out “the immediate separation of the personnel involved” in the irregular immunization. We are going to compare the list of people who have not submitted their resignation with those who have received the vaccine so that they are left out of the Ministry of Health, “he said. Likewise, Ugarte announced that on Friday he will deliver the report to the president of the Council of Ministers, Violeta Bermudez, so that they can send it to Congress, the Comptroller General, the Public Ministry, and the Foreign Ministry so that they can complete the investigation and can execute what corresponds.