Capcom Cup
Capcom Cup

Daigo Umehara talks to his fans after his spectacular win of Capcom Cup Pro Tour Asia East online qualifier, he talks about his streaming and explained his fans about the things that happened during his tournament run.

After Winning Capcom Cup, Daigo said he has an experience of 23 years still, he gets confused in the gameplay like what to do next.

Capcom Cup
Capcom Cup

Interview with Fans:

He also acknowledged his gameplay that he had been playing pretty well online, but he didn’t expect that he will win the stacked qualifier.

Fans asked him which match he was worried about the most in response Daigo said that he was very confident and comfortable playing against Cammy players since he had spent a lot of time in practicing against her.

He was not confident about the players in playing opposite, who was from his own team and that is Keita “Fuudo” Ai.

Competitors of Daigo:

Daigo also said that Fuudo is among one of the three players in the world he doesn’t want to play against as of now. He never gets into the Poison matchup. Street Fighter V legend also explained the terms and calculations of Daigo that helped Fuudo reset the bracket.

Daigo at a moment got curious and was very keen when Poison got stunned and he forgot what he was supposed to do at that time, he messed up in that situation also it was very rare to him. He knew that his damage had been scaled down completely that time he panicked and took the worst option in that situation he went for a throw instead.

Win with an Arcade Stick:

While talking to his fans he also revealed that it was his first tournament win in which he was using a HitBox arcade stick. He also elaborates his views on HitBox, when it comes to maneuverability, the traditional arcade stick is better.

In addition to all of this he said, since the tournament got online, he was able to focus more on gameplay and wasn’t distracted by the fans.

Fame and Learnings from Capcom Cup:

Some important factors to be considered about Daigo, he revealed that he learned new things and experience from this online tournament. He’s 39-year-old and a pro player, he decided to track his body temperature during CPT Asia East tournament. His body temperature was 38°C.

Daigo’s win earned him praise from different prominent figures of Esports in the Street Fighter Community. He is considered as the best player who ever plays Street Fighter and also won at Capcom Cup 2020 will surely solidify his calm as the greatest of all time.

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