All of us, we live our family and adore them so much but there’s always a difference in opinions, and it brings along quarrels and disagreements. We even go ahead to label them as old fashioned and say that our generation is more advanced and we know what to do. But at the end of the day, your family is what comforts you and makes you feel worthy of things you have.


Dad Wanted (Spanish: Se Busca papá) is a 2020 Mexican film directed by Javier Colinas, written by Victor Avelar, Javier Colinas, Paulette Hernandez, and Fernando Barreda Luna and starring many talented artists. It is about a girl who wants to enter a cycling competition but how her mother does not allow her. This film hit the theatres by 11th September. Netflix took it for its catalog. The film does not have the necessary cohesion, it is arrhythmic and loose. The ending doesn’t make any sense and is out of the context of the film, plus it’s very forced. They try to talk vaguely of letting go of fears and taking risks in life but they can’t. It lets the characters play in the way they want and is quite unexpected. When Blanca’s mom denied her entry in a BMX competition, she and her friend set out to look for a dad with a notice, Dad Wanted and began the casting for a new dad. Alberto seemed the most suitable one and with him, she sets out for the competition. Many things happen in between and after and Alberto has his own family and family issues too.


Natalia Coronado is going to be starred as our BMX champion, hot-headed Blanca, she’s cute, innocent, and violent too. Then comes Alberto (played by Juan Pablo Medina) a charming guy who can endure Blanca’s tantrum and family issues and he agrees to act as her father in the BMX competition. And Blanca’s mother Fernanda (by Silvia Navarro) has a strained relationship. She denies signing for the competition. Along with these worked many artists but the most talked about is Alberto’s.


Guess I have already narrated half of the story, but the premise of the movie is pleasing as everything is happening behind Fernanda’s back but the movie is slow-paced and, ultimately, her mother agrees to sign her up listening to the same stranger she had earlier yelled on – Alberto! All it takes here is an emotional story, a drunk man, and a few tears. And that’s it. Give it a try, it’s more of a family film with no awkward scenes.