With Conor McGregor preparing for his first fight after a year out at UFC 257, a million-dollar lawsuit has been notified to the Irishman’s legal team.

The local Irish Independent newspaper revealed on Tuesday that a woman sued Conor McGregor for personal injury. Additionally, the woman’s mother has filed a second injury lawsuit. The complaints were reportedly filed on Monday, and an Irish associate whose identity was not disclosed is listed as a co-defendant.

For legal reasons, the details of these allegations cannot be disclosed. The women are being represented by Colegan Legal Partners and are seeking separate lawsuits.

The outlet added that McGregor “has denied any wrongdoing. The matter was already the subject of an investigation by An Garda Siochana (The local Irish Police)

Through a statement, the spokesman McGregor, Karen J. Kessler, said the following to the Independent :

“Following a thorough investigation by Gardai, who, in addition to interviewing the plaintiff, including interviewing numerous sources, obtaining witness statements, examining closed-circuit footage, and the cooperation of Conor McGregor, these allegations were categorically rejected. Plaintiff knows that the facts contradict the claims in this lawsuit. Mr. McGregor will dispute every claim and is confident that justice will prevail.

In recent years McGregor has been involved in different incidents outside the Octagon. In April 2018, he was arrested for pulling a loading crane onto a bus with several UFC fighters inside. Several people, including fighters, ended up with injuries.

In March 2019, McGregor was arrested for taking and breaking a phone from a fan in Miami. Less than a month after the arrest. the Irishman assaulted an adult in a Dublin pub.

Also in the same month, The New York Times reported that McGregor was under investigation in his hometown of Ireland for a case of sexual assault. In October, the newspaper revealed a second sexual assault on McGregor by another woman.

In September last year, McGregor was arrested in France on allegations of sexual assault and indecent exposure, Conor was interviewed and released by police, his team issued a statement and denied all allegations.