How to Connect Antenna to Existing Cable Wiring [Simple Steps]


Why waste money on a completely new set-up? It’s presumably valid, admittedly, to save bucks while you can. Forthwith, if you have pre-existing cable wiring. In this article on how to- connect an antenna to existing cable wiring, we will support you in understanding everything you deem to. Concerning the same, it is seldom straightforward but at times vaulted by confusion. So in an attempt to avoid any such confusion, this guide will start from scratch, step by step, to get the job done. 

Connect Antenna to Existing Cable Wiring

Finally, you must have gathered all the advantages of being a cord cutter, so there comes this decision to switch to the antenna. However, if your wiring is faulty, the results might not get as satisfactory as they usually turn out to be. Gently check up on all the appliances and tools, and change or replace the damaged ones with proper installations. And we are about to start the article without stretching it any far. 

Muster Along. 

Connect Antenna to Existing Cable Wiring – Guide

There is quite an anxiety in the market among customers as it seems unbelievable to have such liberty and limit at hands, and that too at no cost. So, you must believe it when we tell you that while installing a new cable, the costs add up, including the cable expenses and any new conduits, frames, and other things. Nonetheless, after employing an antenna on the attic, be sure that there won’t be any interruptions at all. 

Use Your Existing Cable

You can watch your favorite stuff right away, but just not on the day when you install it because it takes all day. Now, here is the thing, if the cable is of a well-known cable/satellite TV firm, then it’s possible the fitting is previously optimized according to your home/commercial construction situation, so you don’t require to think out the right length, whether you’ll need a preamplifier, splitter, extender, or other things.

How to Use Old Cable TV’s Existing Wiring for Antenna?

Connect coaxial cable with a coaxial converter box

In this method, a converter box is to manage and join the cable to the TV without coaxial input.

  • In the converter box, you will find a coaxial connection port. The prime attribute you have to perform is examining the connection port and appointing the port’s coaxial cable.
  • Now, you have to attach the cable with the conjunction port very tightly. Otherwise, connection trouble will happen, and there will be no nexus within the cable and the converter box.
  • Afterward, you have to join the RCA cable that will let you listen to the FM. You have to fasten this RCA cable to the RCA ports of the connector apparatus.
  • Now, you have to fasten the other tip of the cable to the appropriate port of your TV. This port consists of the video input style.
  • After performing such, you have to switch ON the TV.
  • Ultimately, you have to push the “input” switch of the remote. Later, you have to choose the “Video” option, and well, here you go, with the job done.

USB Analog

Connect Coaxial Cable with Indoor Antenna

In this method, you require an antenna for indoor application. You have to pin up that antenna with a coaxial wire. The steps are provided below:

  • Initially, you have to power off the TV.
  • Later, when the TV is switched off, you should attach one tip of the coaxial cable into the “RF IN” anchorage of the TV.
  • Promptly, you have to join the other tip of the coaxial cable to the antenna’s output ratchet.
  • You have to immediately hold the metal point at each side of the coaxial cable to make the bond firm.
  • After doing such, you have the plugin of the energy source to the indoor antenna.
  • Certainly and finally, you have to power ON the TV and experience it.

Is It Optimal To Run a New RG6 Cable?

RG6 coaxial cables operate reliably with notably high-frequency waves. RG6 is designed to have less attenuation (energy waste over extent), typical in high-frequency signals.

Then, employing RG6 cables will make certain you receive high signal status. Moreover, RG6 additionally leads to face substantially fewer signal loss concerns.

Extra service of RG6 cables is that they can be compelled into lengthy cables and managed without culmination. Ordinarily, longer cables conduce to have their signal condition interrupted, but that is not the case for RG6 coaxial cables.

Accordingly, if you necessitate making more sustained cables, RG6 cables are the means to advance. Even though their pertinence is entirely unconventional and they cannot be applied in place of each other. It is trustworthy to assume that RG6 has more commendatory properties than RG59. This is to ponder in the value tag as well. RG6 coax cables are generally a bit expensive.

What is Something I Should Know About Cord Cutter?

  • The first thing you should note is that antenna signals are on the MHz range’s fainter point. The signals field from around 54mhz for channel 2 up to UHF recurrences can fall into the 800MHz range. Cable and Dish install frequently need the lower frequencies that the antenna traverses up to and behind the highest TV signal range. One can notice this when they are purchasing splitters. Antenna Splitters are 1GHz or beneath, and cable and dish splitters count up to 2000mhz. 
  • In more powerful signal areas, a signal amplifier is not useful. A signal amplifier will convincingly come into the picture in more debilitated signal domains or if the antenna outfits multiple TVs. Appropriate signal amplification is essential for impeccable 24/7 digital TV aid. This is why we never advise antennas with built-in signal amplifiers.
  • There are two kinds of amplifiers. The pre-amplifier, which installs aside the antenna, and the other- distribution amplifier. Both kinds of amplifiers amplify the wave signals. The only distinction is where the amplifier installs within the antenna arrangement. The signal splitter distributes the signal. And the signal is to transmit with the coax cable to all consecutive TV sections in your house. Usual signal amplification is majorly important than most people understand. Picking the correct signal amplifier can be the game-changer among high quality 24/7 digital TV response and crash. A bit of information, steer obvious of amplified signal splitters. For best outcomes, periodically adopt a separate distribution amplifier along with a signal splitter.

Closure | Connect Antenna to Existing Cable Wiring

Hey! Cord Cutting is eventful. It is the stepping stone towards a more independent and valuable experience of entertainment. Entertainment is a basic human right and must be free, but it isn’t. But, smartly, it can become free after a while. It’s evident from you in this article on – connect an antenna to existing cable wiring. We guess all the information necessary to switch from satellite to antenna is covered up. However, any more queries or specific problems are welcome in the comment box. You can help out our readers if you think there is something we missed.