• CM Punk said a big deal about John Cena. Know what you said
  • John Cena and CM Punk’s Rivalry in WWE has been very special.

All the fans are waiting for the return of former WWE Champion CM Punk. During the WWE run, CM Punk did a great job in the company. His rivalry with top superstars of the company such as John Cena was special. His feud for the WWE Championship with John Cena is still remembered by fans today.

Big statement about John Cena

CM Punk has always made many statements about John Cena and something similar has happened this time too. Recently, CM Punk spoke on several issues in the Oral Session Podcast. Here he describes how WWE treats John Cena and how it affects other superstars.

CM Punk said in this interview,

“I remember that only one particular person can play the role of a Wrestler because they know that many people will broadcast it on different channels on television. But when you go to the office, there is a shuffle. It is said directly that you cannot do this and this John Cena will do. They always accept everything to make the face of the company. This thing is not applied to other people. I went to my friend’s bachelor party. We went to the pinball factory and there were all the pinball games. We were there and the guy the company was with said that he wanted them in a WrestleMania WWE pinball machine. Then later it was not stated on behalf of WWE. I said no what does it mean We were told by WWE that we don’t want this guy here. We want someone else over there. I had heard it so dirty at first because they had first made the offer and then later refused. They also wanted me on the cover of video games. I had also forwarded the email but WWE refused. From there I was told that we wanted to get Sheamus, Miz and John Cena.”

CM Punk has not yet appeared in wrestling since leaving WWE. He made a comeback to Fox’s WWE backstage last year. All fans want him to return to the WWE ring as soon as possible.