• Roman Reign’s promo skills haven’t always been better
  • Roman Reign’s Mike Skills has improved a lot with Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns made a comeback at the WWE SummerSlam this year and has since become one of the company’s highest-ranking superstars. At the same time, after getting together with Heil Turn and Paul Heman, his character and career are touching new heights.

Roman’s promo skills have also seen a significant improvement with Hamon joining. The last few months have seen the current WWE Universal Champion giving tremendous and interesting promos one after the other. One can clearly see why Roman Reigns is called the future of WWE.

But it is also true that Roman’s Mike Skills has not always been so good. Talk about the time of The Shield or the time when he started getting a push as a singles superstar. It was common to see them panicking during promos, so in this article, you can learn about promos that Romans would never want to remember.

Roman Reigns forgot his lines in the promo with John Cena

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In 2017, the storylines of John Cena and Roman Rance debuted. At the time, a promo segment of the two in a Raw episode is still considered one of WWE’s most ridiculous moments.

John was making Roman aware of the truth, during which it seemed as if the Romans had forgotten their lines. “The Big Dog” had to say according to the script that the WWE Universe bugs him for 2 reasons.

But he did not remember anything at that time and his facial expressions were also changed. John also mocked him and said, ‘If you want to succeed in WWE, you have to learn how to give good promos.’

Forgotten Lines in Promo with Triple H

In early 2015, Feud of Roman Reigns and The Authority were running. During that time, Stephanie McMahon questioned Roman for giving WrestleMania the main event match.

At the same time, in a RAW episode of February 2, 2015, Roman, Triple H, and Stephanie cut the promo. During this time, Roman forgot his lines and even asked Triple H what was next.

The fans did not get to know during the live show but they were surely mocked by people on social media.

Stuttered to speak English words

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2015 was the worst year for Roman Reigns in terms of promos. There was a time when Roman had to speak only 2-3 lines during a promo, but it was a big challenge for him to give long promos after becoming a singles superstar.

He called the English word ‘beat’ ‘breast’ in a promo during the build-up to WrestleMania. ‘Beat’ means defeat and due to this mistake, he was also criticized a lot.

Forgot the lines at WWE TLC 2014 too

In WWE TLC 2014 PPV, Roman Reigns returned to help John Cena in a match against Seth Rawlins. As soon as he arrived, he also confirmed his involvement in the Royal Rumble match.

During the promo, he was seen stuttering while uttering the word ‘Declare’. Due to forgetting the lines, he kept staring at the camera for a long time and after that, he also said a line wrong.

‘Suffering Succotash Son’ line becomes memorable

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In 2015, Roman Reigns and Seth Rawlins also emerged as big singles superstars. The two used to be big enemies of each other and a line spoken by Roman in an episode of Raw during that time still remains one of the memorable moments.

Roman used the words ‘Suffering Succotash’ in the promo which was possibly one of the most difficult lines spoken on WWE TV.