• Former WWE Champion CM Punk made a big statement about his return to Wrestling.
  • CM Punk is a big name in WWE. Fans still chant their names.

CM Punk, who has gone from WWE, has been around for six years but his fan following is still tremendous. At the Royal Rumble 2914, CM Punk was seen wrestling for the last time. There was a problem between WWE and CM Punk over many things. Since then, the fans have been waiting for them in the wrestling world.

Former WWE Champion CM Punk said a big deal

Recently, former WWE Champion CM Punk became part of Rainy Young’s Oral Session Podcast. Here he was asked a question about his return to wrestling. CM Punk gave a funny answer here. CM Punk said that before the money he needed a brilliant and fun storyline. Punk said,

“A funny storyline is needed before doing anything. There should be fun in this story. Apart from this, there should not be even a small dirty money. If he returns, he needs a lot of money and a funny storyline too. Whether it is WWE or AEW I want this to go to both. I can not say anything about it now. I am the most picky guy at this time.

CM Punk surprised everyone by joining WWE backstage last year. After this, discussions about his return also started. Everyone hoped that he would return at the Royal Rumble this year but nothing like this happened. All the fans are waiting for CM Punk’s return. Well, it is true that if CM Punk has to come to WWE, then he will have to pay a lot of money.

In a way, CM Punk is a brand. AEW is also constantly eyeing him. At the same time, Vince McMahon also knows what CM Punk can do in Wrestling. It has been almost six years, but even today, there are chants in CM’s name in the arena. This shows how big a name Punk is in the world of wrestling. CM Punk has also placed a bet on what he needs for the comeback. If they find it then they will enjoy it.