Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will return for its latest installment later this month, and it’s hard to know precisely what to expect. But before the show ends there are a few things we should see.

Real consequences for Sabrina

Throughout the series thus far, we’ve seen Sabrina Spellman ( Kiernan Shipka ) make a series of bad decisions, culminating in her decision to essentially clone herself at the end of last season by playing by the rules of time travel. . Yet somehow, whatever happens, things for Sabrina seem to be going well.

No matter how you feel about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ending unexpectedly, one thing is clear – it’s time for Sabrina to learn from her mistakes.

Zelda Spellman deserves to be happy

While both Spellman’s aunts are amazing, poor Zelda has had her worst throughout the series. From her relationship with the terrible Faustus Blackwood to the destruction of the Church of Night and the loss of the faith that once sustained it, Zelda has been through it repeatedly on this show.

She deserves a bit of happiness before the end credits of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina roll in, and an acknowledgment of the quiet heroine she’s been throughout the show.

Whether that happiness will come from his fledgling relationship with Mambo Marie, or his newfound openness and respect for people with different beliefs than his, or from the family he loves more than anything else, is anyone’s guess.

Something that feels like a real ending

The decision to end Chilling Adventures of Sabrina seems like a rather sudden choice so in light of all that, what fans of the final season will like the most is having the feeling of an ending.

Whatever the conclusion to Sabrina Spellman’s ( Kiernan Shipka ) story, and whatever Greendale’s fate is, fans deserve that: a royal ending. Don’t forget that the latest season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will premiere on Netflix on December 31st.