In his podcast Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard made an analysis on the division of women of WWE that has had a great change in the last five years thanks to what was popularly known as the “women’s revolution.” Prichard revealed that they tried to do something similar in the 1990s, but the public was not yet ready to accept the change. Here are the most outstanding statements:

“After Medusa smashed the WWF title in WCW Nitro, WWE tried to bring in talent from Japan, even staging a 1995 Joshi Survivor Series elimination match. But at the time there wasn’t enough talent to power a women’s division and so on. it’s always been a challenge. ”

“There may have been great fighters at that time but they weren’t enough to have a full roster of women. Also, I don’t think the audience was ready to accept them, they would want to see athletic women. In 2015 the women’s division was achieved. 50 percent of the show and sometimes a little more. They have even starred in better matches than men and have managed to be stellar at WrestleMania. ”

Currently, Bruce Prichard oversees the direction of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, he would even have been the one who encouraged Sasha Banks and Bayley to headline several weekly television shows throughout 2020, taking all the WWE Women’s titles.

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