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Last year Bitchyourfamous was taken down cause they posted a s*xtape of a famous American singer & songwriter— R. Kelly. used to post explicit & uncensored content (A-rated) of popular celebrities. In this article, I am going to share potential alternatives to BitchYourFamous and also share what went wrong with them. Apart from explicit content, it was an ideal portal for underground hip hop!


Besides, if you were a true fan of BitchYourFamous, then you should follow them on Twitter as they are actively sharing content there (Not Verified Yet.) I have been a real fan of BYF because they really used to share some fantastic gossip about superstars & celebrities. Let us not waste anymore of our time in the introduction and move further to the main subject— BitchYourFamous.

BitchYourFamous | Everything You’re Looking For! is an absolute portal for uncensored news about celebrities & underground hip hop stars. Stories shared on bitchyourfamous were contrary to the mainstream media and therefore, it brings the hard content out.

BitchYourFamous was doing pretty good until they shared the R. Kelly’s s*x tape and received a copyright strike. I know you all got some queries about the site, and therefore, we have covered it all in this script.

What Happened to BitchYourFamous?

As the name suggests, BitchYourFamous is nothing like a usual new portal but a place where leak videos & news were shared. It used to project everything that goes wrong with famous celebrities. BYF  was doing pretty good with everything until they shared the s*x tape of R. Kelly abusing an underage child. About a year ago, they started receiving unexpected shutdowns, and within a few days, BitchYourFamous was gone forever. 

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Sites Like BitchYourFamous

BitchYourFamous was undoubtedly an astounding platform that shares underground hip hop & other gossips about your favorite celebrities. If you are searching for a compelling alternative to BitchYourFamous, then you should refer to the list below.

WorldStarHipHop -WSHH (Best BitchYourFamous Alternative)

WorldStarHipHop is a powerful alternative to BitchYourFamous that provides users with entertaining video content from all over the world. It receives daily traffic of about 411,726 users and is ranked at a position of 235th by Alexa. 

Sites Like WordStarHipHop WSHH

As the name suggests, WorldStarHipHop provides users with a powerful dose of underground hip hop and highlights the underrated hip hop stars. If you are searching for a BYF alternative, then WorldStarHipHop is the first name to call.


UnderGroundHipHop is another potential site like and features underground hip hop from all over the world. The interface is quite enchanting and projects pure hip hop talent from the streets.

 If you are searching for an absolute hip hop portal, then UnderGroundHipHop is undoubtedly the best catch for you.


Started in 2005, DatPiff provides users with hip hop, rap & urban music from all over the world. DatPiff stands out as the best alternative to BitchYourFamous as it pictures other entertaining media too.

datpiff - bitchyourfamous

DatPiff makes a complete entertainment pack for its users by offering different music mixes, and they will soon be releasing gears for branded as famous hip hop artists.


As the name suggests, AllHipHop is one of the most popular content delivery sites based particularly on hip hop & urban music. Unlike Bitch Your Famous, AllHipHop does not feature offtopic entertaining content but projects news that surrounds rap & music. 


Last but not least, Poppinmedia is another rising portal that features astounding Hip Hop & Rap content. Poppinmedia is not available in most of the regions due to copyright issues. 

Like BitchYourFamous, Poppinmedia covers a wide range of content from all the underground rap artists and other gossip happening around the pop industry.

Closure- BitchYourFamous

I believe that this script has solved all your queries regarding the site BitchYourFamous. We have shared a comprehensive pool of relevant Bitch Your Famous content. I have attached screenshots, and the tragedy happened with BitchYourFamous. 

Apart from that, we listed potential sites like BitchYourFamous for the people searching for alternatives to If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the subject, then comment below, and we’ll take that all into account. Also, share this piece of useful & rare information with your mates.

Which BYF alternative did you like the most? Share your experience.