Biohackers Season 3

Christian Ditter is the creator of Biohackers. This web series is in German and can be relied upon to awaken your inner scientist. The story is set in a futuristic past and highlights the incredible scientific advances in synthetic biology. This story is full of high-tech perils and high-stake perils. It also features twists, turns and jaw-dropping conspiracies. It follows Mia Akerlund, a talented student who enrolls in the University of Freiburg to continue her education under Tanja Lorenz’s mentorship.

Mia is determined to uncover her identity and discover the truth behind her family’s mysterious deaths. As the story unfolds, we discover that Tanja Lanzanz may be responsible for Mia’s previous tragedy. The Netflix original show received generally positive critical and fan reviews after its initial August 2020 release. It’s clever screenwriting, scientific accuracy, and symbolic approach to visuals have all been highly praised. Fans are probably already contemplating the possibility of a second season. In such cases, we are here for you.

Release Date

On Netflix, Biohackers season 2 was released on July 9, 2021. Six episodes comprise the second season, which has a runtime of between 35 and 45 mins per episode.

Biohackers Season 3

Let’s look at the possibilities of a new season. Netflix showed great faith in the show and renewed it for a second year after just one week. While other shows were cut due to the critical pandemic situation in the world, the show’s combination of technology and mystery caught the attention of the streaming service. The second season ended on a grim but surprising note. Like many sci-fi ventures however, the creator may suggest a third season in order to give it an even more complex structure.

It is possible that the show will be revived for the third season because some aspects of season 2’s story are still available for further exploration. Even if the show were to be greenlit, production would still take approximately 5 to 6 months. It would take longer to finish the post-production and edit. If Netflix does indeed decide to remake the show, it could be that ‘Biohackers season 3’ will premiere sometime in autumn 2022.

Renewal Status

Netflix has yet not revealed whether “Biohackers” will be renewed for Season 3. The show’s popularity and storyline suggest that there are reasonable chances of it being renewed. The renewal of Season 2 happened just one week after the Season 1 finale. The renewal of “Biohackers”, therefore, can be expected in the next weeks.