Christian Ditter’s original techno-thriller web series, Biohackers, is available in German. It’s a great way to get your scientist’s juices flowing. The futuristic setting of the story reflects extraordinary scientific progress in synthetic biology. The story features high-tech toys and high-stake perils. There are also twists and surprising conspiracies.

Mia Akerlund is an ambitious, promising student who enrolls in Freiburg University to learn under Tanja Lorenz (prolific scientist and entrepreneur). Mia’s real goal is to uncover her identity and discover the cause of the mysterious death in her family. As the story continues, we see that Tanja Lorenz might have some connection to Mia’s tragic past.

The Netflix original series received a generally positive fan and critical response after its initial release in August 2020. Two seasons have been produced. The show’s intelligent screenwriting, scientific accuracy, as well as its symbolic visual approach have been highly praised. Fans will be considering whether there will be a third season after this devastating finale. Let us now examine the issue.

Will There Be “Biohackers” Season 3

It is unknown if the Netflix series Biohackers will get a third season. The chances of this happening are high, considering that “Biohackers”, unlike series like “Glow” or “The Society”, was canceled by the corona pandemic. However, Biohackers received confirmation of a new season only one week after season 1. Netflix seems to be seeing great potential for German production.

The success of the current episodes will likely determine whether there will be another season. Season 2 has been streaming since July 9, 2021.

“Biohackers” Season 3 Release Date

The filming of the first season took place from May to September 2019, so the series was originally intended to premiere in April 2020. Due to the corona epidemic, the original premiere date was moved to August 20, 2020. Netflix confirmed the production schedule for a second season a week later. The show will start on July 9, 2021.

If there’s a third season, we might see the new episodes released in 2022.