Mattia Binotto did not hesitate for a single moment. “Yes,” he replied when asked if he saw Carlos Sainz dressed in red in one of the podium drawers in 2021. “We really hope to see you on the podium. I think it does not depend on him, rather the car. But if the car is good enough, it is capable of doing very good races and being on the podium. “He pointed out without hesitation, answering with an equally forceful statement when asked if the arrival of the Spaniard is intended as a long-term signing and not only for the two years that he has signed (2021 and 2022). “Our driver lineup will be the youngest since 1968. Typically when you make these kinds of choices it’s not just for two years, but to create a solid foundation for the long-term future. We hope that Carlos renews and stays at Ferrari for more years ”, he said.

He was then asked by MD if he saw Sainz winning races in 2021. “(Laughter) Honestly, the gap with the best team is too big and we won’t be close enough in 2021. But you never know. If there is an opportunity, I hope we seize it. But I don’t have a crystal ball ”.

Mattia Binotto (c), with Sainz (r) on his first day wearing Ferrari red in Maranello and Charles Leclerc (i)

Leclerc and Sainz, two number 1

In addition, he reiterated that Leclerc does not have a clause in his contract that indicates that he must be the team leader and that “both drivers will be free to fight, although without causing damage.” Of course, he stressed that “it is important that in many races the two drivers accept the decisions to optimize the interests of the whole.” Binotto was very clear: The first priority is to optimize the team’s points ”.