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Whether you smoke weed, vape it, or consume it as an edible, the end goal of every canna lover is to make the most of that sweet euphoric effect. So, what is the perfect way to smoke weed in 2023?

The ideal technique to smoke weed depends entirely on your preferences, interests, and way of living. There are different ways to smoke weed, but the best way to do it is to find one you enjoy.

Keep reading about how you can smoke weed in ways that give you different highs. Do you want to relax and enjoy a good buzz, or do you wish to get so high that you lose track of time? Leave answering these questions to us.

Our Top Picks To Smoke Weed


Although vaping isn’t identical to smoking, it is a way to smoke weed. Vaporizers heat cannabis just enough to release the THC without adding more smoke. In addition, since there is no flame involved, vaporizing is not harmful to the lungs.

You can get 100% of THC when you vape. Vapes come in different shapes and sizes. Choose the one that suits you. The USP of a vaporizer is that it is easy to carry, and you can use it discreetly.


Most cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with joints and even prefer that. Mainly joints are among the most affordable cannabis consumption methods. Marijuana joints are filled with crushed buds and rolled before smoking. Rolling paper and premium flowers are easy to get a hold of from online cannabis delivery services such as Grassdoor. Furthermore, you won’t need to be concerned about them breaking.


Even though blunts are tobacco products, many canna fans use them to smoke marijuana. You can roll a blunt with an emptied cigar or hemp-derived wraps for stronger hits. Also, blunts come in various flavors, making smoking weed a more enjoyable experience for smokers.

Additionally, a blunt lasts longer, and you can add a lot of marijuana to it, making it a better option for a puff-puff-pass sesh. However, pre-rolls are readily available if you don’t like rolling one or wish to save time.


Dabs, sometimes referred to as butane hash oil (BHO), are a potent cannabis plant extract used in dabbing. The dab, or hardened hash oil, is inhaled with a rig with a blowlamp in place of a lighter.

Dabbing is effectively a flash-vaporization technique for cannabis ingestion due to the intense heat. Additionally, as the dab is made of concentrated extract, breathing the vapors can quickly get you quite high.


Bongs are a great way to smoke marijuana if you’re an expert who likes big hits. In addition to being available in different shapes and sizes, bongs produce a lot of smoke with every hit. Bongs contain water that filters out tar, ash, and toxins before the smoke enters your lungs. The water in a bong also cools down the smoke produced from burning concentrates to create strong, smooth hits. This smoking accessory is often made of glass, plastic, ceramic, and metal.


Smoking weed can open up a new way of experiencing the magic plant. Not a fan of smoking up? You can always experiment with cannabis edibles or drinks when you’re in the mood to get high. Whatever your end decision may be, make sure you get your cannabis products from a trusted source. Head to Grassdoor to stock up on your needs without wasting time here and there.