Best Portable Swamp Coolers | Why Do I Need A Portable Swamp Cooler?


Summer is a melody in the pose, wherever the sun revives the greenery, and the tan refreshes the skin. In this article about some of the best portable swamp coolers, we are venturing to present the exciting anticipation of cooling devices, suiting to our skin. 

Best Portable Swamp Coolers

With all the sweat and exudation, as the outrage of the season, we are unhesitant to tackle the severe heat. Summertime begins playfulness and vacations, but along arrives the unwanted humidity. Thus, making it very finicky for us to relish ourselves, to our most celebrated. However, with our list of relief, you will discover yourself a proper swamp cooler. Begin appreciating the summer essence. Let’s muster along. 

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Best Portable Swamp Coolers

Portable Swamp Coolers had existed before there were ACs, and are still considered to be a piece of effective machinery for providing fantastic cooling. These portable swamp coolers can be shifted and moved according to the requirement and availability. These are also known as Evaporative Air Cooling Systems, as their working is water-dependent.

Swamp Coolers do not require countless installations as they are principally electrical in nature. Electronic engines like those of Air Conditioners consume a lot of electricity and make a jam in an area. Which makes them not portable at all. But, the portable swamp coolers can easily be placed and relocated within your lawn, garage, dining room, drawing room, garden, or any place of your choice. Let us get started with some of the best portable swamp coolers of 2020.

Blaux Portable Personal Air Conditioner Unit

Now let’s talk about a cooler which is a bit more portable than all mentioned below and likewise budget-friendly. Blaux Portable air conditioner works on batteries and offers the cord-free operation, which adds to its already great portability.

Best Portable Swamp Coolers 

Made up of plastic- it weighs about 15.8 ounces or 0.4 kg and needs 2 Lithium-ion batteries to operate, which are included in the package. The best thing about this one is that it cools rapidly in just about thirty seconds, and it also filters dust particles present in the air. It is easy to use and also has a handle. It also adds moisture to the atmosphere, which prevents our eyes, nose, and skin from getting dried up and irritated.

As the name suggests, this unit will perform its best if utilized personally, like on a table or something like that. Confused? Read a more comprehensive review report — here

If you are looking for a cooler for personal use, then Blaux would be a perfect choice as it is budget-friendly and also remarkably portable. 

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NewAir, AF-1000B Portable Indoor Tower Fan

Moving our list on with this fantastic piece- NewAir, AF-1000B Portable Indoor Tower Fan. This is an indoor tower fan with an evaporative air cooler, along with a humidifier presented by the company- NewAir. Renowned primarily for manufacturing portable cooling systems like beverage coolers, wine coolers, and ice makers. Positioned above four caster wheels for easy movability, this lightweight humidifier comes with stunning features such as an automatic timer, a remote control, a water level indicator, and a ten-hour timer and oscillation.

New Air cooler is readily apt to cool the air of up to 300 square feet of area. The AF-1000B comes with a two-in-one honeycomb cooling pad, which ensures not only a high level of cooling but also that the cooler is giving off clean and filtered air as it is also an air filter, carbon filter, and Ti02 filter. With the remote control, we can switch between two fan speeds as we please. It has a timer button, oscillation control, and also a power button other than the speed controls. One notable thing is its electricity consumption, being 160 watts, this system uses much less electricity than an air conditioner. 

This one would be a great choice if you are looking for a mid-range cooler and also if you are looking for a system for indoor usage. Like all products of this company, this one also comes with a one year warranty. So there is nothing to lose.  

Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler

Luma Comfort is perfectly suitable for areas which usually experience high temperature. But low humidity, as it uses evaporative cooling technology which utilizes a 3D cooling pad by passing water through it and then using a fan to dry hot air across the soaked pad to cool it, thus making the surroundings neat and refreshing. 

Luma Comfort EC110S Best Portable Swamp Cooler

This system does not use any kind of chemicals, but it relies solely on simple physics. The electricity usage is almost the same as a 100-watt bulb as it uses no refrigerant, and the electricity consumption is much less than standard air conditioning hence making the cooling process affordable and comfortable with a little bit of water every day.

portable cooler

Luma Comfort comes with remote control and offers two types of cooling and three fan speeds with easy to control. Either you want it in your bedroom or the backyard, moving the system will not be a problem as the humidifier comes with four easy to roll caster wheels. This cooler has a unique and fashionable look and covers an area of up to 250 square feet.

This one could be a reasonably good choice if you are looking for a mid-range cooling system and it saves enough in your electricity bill and also it comes with a one-year warranty.

Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner

This product stands apart from all entries mentioned above as this air conditioner is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and also comes with its user-friendly ROLLICOOL app available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner     

It also works with Alexa and voice control, which is a pretty beautiful and unique thing for a cooler. Adding to the comfort- this lightweight air conditioner comes with 360-degree caster wheels. Be it your living room or your garage, this dehumidifier is convenient enough to carry to wherever you like it to be. With its 10000 BTU cooling capacity, this air conditioner can easily cover an area of up to 275 square feet. It’s user-friendly and easy to control LED display makes it even more spacious. It is easy to install and ultra silent. 

If you are planning to add a little bit more to your budget, then you should consider this one. 

Why Do I Need A Portable Swamp Cooler?

In this in-depth overview, we have displayed some delightful perks of using the swamp coolers. They are advantageous over ACs in multiple ways. Moreover, Portable Swamp coolers are highly useful, over ACs, in work areas and hangers, which require heavy cooling.

The exhaust motor fan blows off a larger volume of air as compared to an AC. Whereas, even for domestic usage, these swamp coolers confirm to be highly efficient. AC vents are incapable of instant cooling in where massive heat dissipation is required.  However, all these perks appear very faint when it comes to the measure of money one can save over electricity bills throughout.

Where Can I Use A Portable Swamp Cooler?

Portable Swamp Coolers have both uses, domestic and industrial. In Industries, heavy units are considered. Which require much larger power as contrasted to the domestic details, yet significantly less than the Central AC Units. For domestic usage, these swamp coolers can comfortably be used in a garage or a drawing-room.

Since these are movable, thus, can be used in different places at different times of the day. These swamp coolers are highly effective during the night when humidity is low and can drop temperatures up to 30 degrees in 10 percent humidity altogether. So, making them an ideal consideration for bedrooms.

Is a Portable Swamp Cooler Better than an AC?

A portable Air Conditioner is a lot better than an AC, in many aspects. When it comes to usability, these portable Swamp coolers are easier to install and use. Besides, the swamp coolers come available at way low-cost prices than ACs. Swamp Air Coolers save a lot on electricity bills, for the cooling they produce.

Instant and massive cooling can only be provided by the blower based coolers. Because they actually circulate the inbound air of the surrounding. Unlike ACs, which work part by part humidification of air through smaller vents. AC uses harmful gases to assist in cooling, which is not the case with swamp coolers. So, if we are ready to save this world from ozone layer depletion. We must consider switching to conventional methods of cooling.

Does Humidity Affect Portable Swamp Coolers?

Humidity is the substantial factor that affects the cooling capacity of the swamp air coolers. Since the whole cooling depends upon the replacement of dry, hot air with moisture and a strong breeze. The levels of temperature drop consult with the amount of water content available in the surrounding air. In places of more than 60 percent humidity, the temperature drops are okay when one uses the swamp coolers. But these work best at a drop rate of 20-30 degrees temperature, in areas with 10 percent less humidity in the air.


Today, we shared some of the best portable swamp coolers of 2020 and also, answered other relevant queries about swamp coolers. Besides that, you got to grasp around the overall viewpoints that must be kept in thought while purchasing such a cooler. Swamp coolers are already significant, the portability feature particularly sums a cherry to the cake.

If you have any doubts regarding the subject then let us know and you can also connect to fellow readers through the comment section below.