Best MTU for PS4 | So Far the Beast MTU Settings in 2021


Gaming in this century is less personal and more about community. It shouldn’t surprise how services like Twitch, Reddit, Discord are growing rapidly and each minute. Now, when you are playing a game, you have different options to carry your own style. Whether it’s Xbox or PS, each provides a different experience of gaming. However, the basic technology behind each is similar if noticed at the foundation level. In fact, in this article, we would be talking about PS4 and learning about the Best MTU for PS4 to enhance the speed & user experience.

Best MTU for PS4

MTU is coherently the most basic process behind any technology which involves data transaction. But, in PS4, it’s a privilege as simultaneously it is a set along with being an innate process. This can be tweaked for our best use, and so to know, without wasting any time, let’s proceed further. Muster Along. 

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Best MTU for PS4 2021| (Beast Settings for Speed)

Before starting this, we want you to acknowledge that this discussion is based off on user experiences, results, and premonitions. Although there is no scientific backup to prove how fruitful, tweaking with the PS4 settings. However, some do argue that replacing your internet connection with a better and expensive service would do all the greater things. Also, it is a common sound in the community where they shout that settings should never be switched and that default settings are best. 

sony ps4 mtu 2021

What is MTU?

MTU is expressed as an abbreviation for Maximum Transmission Unit. An online medium, for games that are generally multiplayer, involves a lot of transmission of data. When we talk about PS4, the set limit for MTU is 1500 bytes. Well, the possible MTU for PS4 is typically less than an MB, but that’s for the best, keeping in mind the current network scenario globally. When we play online, the data that has to pass through the server tunnel has to tune up to as packets. A packet is a minimum requirement for the data to cluster together so that it may pass through one system to another and then gather up to terminate exactly as it originated. 

what is MTU

The cycle in which the data is broken down for easy passing through and then again re-assembling, in the same manner, is an altogether complex process. But for the sake of this article, we have broken down all the possible queries one might have relating to the same, so follow along. 

What is the Best MTU Size for Speed? What is Latency?

Before getting along with this knowledge, you have to reconcile that bandwidth is less important when it comes to gaming on PS4. What we mean by that is even though you do require good internet service. Still, it is not the defining factor for improvement. Then what is? So, the answer to this is ‘Latency.’ Now, for those of you who do not know- Latency is the concern of delay in receiving data from a source. Latency is somewhat dependent on internet speed, but even when speeds are more than good, the system’s latency might differ, for bad or good.

Best MTU Size for Speed

Latency might differ due to some ongoing download, a cryptic interference in the server, module skip/lagging, router problems, MTU, and power problems as well. And here, we are to discuss the dependence of latency to improve game speed by modifying MTU. So, keeping in mind that all of these factors and MTU make it possible to have a difference in the gaming experience. It becomes obvious that one thing which might work for one device might not necessarily provide the same result in others. In fact, if you can believe it- try putting 1473 as MTU, and until then, let’s discuss some more. 

Magic Number 1473 | Best MTU Size for Gaming

There is no magic number. However, on Reddit, some self-proclaimed technical gurus might lead you to believe that if you set your MTU to be 1473, your gaming will magically become smooth. However, this is not to claim that it will not work at all. It does work in most cases, and it probably does not change at all in some cases. Whether some selected MTU digit will work or not depends upon a lot of technical factors. One of them being the MTU of your router as well. 

best mtu for gaming

There is absolutely no sure shot way to determine the effectiveness of any random number in comparison to the default MTU size. However, you can keep tweaking lower units as value to your MTU and down until your screen shows- packets are no longer able to be fragmented. Well, when you achieve this, all you need to do is keep adding the number 28 to the latter. Subsequent testing and re-testing might land you a better performance upgrade in your gaming. We understand that this is not easy, and it takes a lot of maneuvers to decide upon a certain digit. Keep in mind that this is something to do and not all that you need to do. If it works, then well and good. 

Steps To Set The Best MTU for PS4

  • Go to the Settings on your PS4.

Settings on your PS4

  • Under Settings, look for Network, and click on it.
  • Now among the options, find Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Then, depending on your network type, do select the LAN or  Wi-Fi. 
  • Upon clicking, you will see two options, so select Custom.
  • Now you have to select the option showing Automatic IP Address.

Automatic IP Address

  • And for the DHCP hostname, you must select Do Not Specify.
  • Next, you would be taken to the MTU page, where you have to select Manual.

Now, this is the place where you can specify your own desired value for the MTU.

The work does not suspend here. Since, with each decrement, you must go to the settings and then Test Internet Connection, and when you come across the screen telling that fragmentation is not possible anymore. Follow on by adding 28 to the consequent number. Although you have hit the bottommost possibility of Maximum Transmission Unit value, you must keep adding 28, as discussed earlier, to check at which point the internet sounds best to you. 

P.S. If you change the MTU on your gaming console, you necessarily should change the MTU on your router too. Otherwise, there would be a load on unwanted load both on your console and router, adding up to the problems in your gaming experience. 

How to Change MTU on Router?

  • On your computer browser, find the brand’s website which is offering you the Internet service. 
  • Now, log in with your credentials to the ISP.
  • Once you have done that, you must find settings.
  • After, there you must find ‘Network’ or ‘Network Properties.’
  • Basically, you have to click on ‘WAN’ to find the ‘MTU’ settings page.
  • Here, it is easy to put the MTU value as you do need to trial and error. Just type in the similar value as you used in PS4.
  • Once you click the Apply button, immediately restart your router. 

How to Change MTU on Router?

Closure | Best MTU for PS4

Now, at the end of this article on the Best MTU for PS4, it’s a hope that you have more insight into the topic than you came with on to this page. Our intent is to eradicate all the confusions which people have relating to digital technology. With our experts, we always try to explain things in the simplest of ways. Rest assured, the most accurate information must only reflect.

Still, if you feel stuck or have any queries, information, or problems, you might want to share. We are waiting to help you in the comment section below.