Batwoman Season 3

Renee Montoya, a member of The Arrowverse, is reportedly joining the Arrowverse to be a new hero for Gotham City. Batwoman Season 2 saw major changes in Gotham City. Kate Kane, having finally been given her memories back, left Gotham City to search for Bruce Wayne. Ryan Wilder was finally appointed Batwoman. The Different weapons used by Batman villains Like the Penguins umbrella, the Mad Hatter’s Hatter’s hat, have fallen into the hand’s various civilians in Gotham City. Batwoman, even with Luke Fox as Batwing will still need to combat this rise in crime.

Renee Montoya first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, before she joined the comics with Batman #475. This character is a detective in Gotham City’s Police Department. It is also one of DC Comics’ most prominent LGBTQ+ characters. Montoya assumed the identity of The Question in 2007 during event series 52, which also saw the debut of Kate Kane’s Batwoman. She has since been an important player in DC Universe.

Batwoman Season 3

Batwoman season 3 is casting Renee Montoya. According to the breakdown, she is a former GCPD officer who resigned due to GCPD’s treatment of Gotham’s marginalized citizens. She has been relegated as a paper-pusher and now heads the ” freaks section” at the Mayor’s Office. She is described as being virtuous and practical and has a personal mission of cleaning up Gotham’s streets. According to the breakdown, they want to cast a Latinx/Afro-Latinx actress by her 30s and encourage performers who identify themselves as LGBTQ+ to submit.

Montoya’s appearance on Batwoman will mark her third live-action appearance. Although Montoya made her first appearance on Fox’s Gotham, she only appeared in one episode. Rosie Perez, an Academy Award-nominated actress, made the DCEU debut in Birds of Prey. This would be the first appearance of the character in Arrowverse continuity.

Renee Montoya was added to Batwoman Season 3 opens up many options for the future direction of the series. The character’s sexuality could make her a potential love interest of Ryan Wilder’s Batwoman. This is similar to the way Kate Kane was a love interest in detective Maggie Swayer in the comics. Montoya was also a past love interest of Kate Kane, so there are precedents for Montoya having a relationship with Batwoman. Montoya’s past as The Question could allow for the original Question in Arrowverse continuity. This would tie into the series theme of legacy and taking on the mantles of past heroes. It seems that Gotham has a new hero.