After a massive shake-up for season 2 – which suffered from COVID-19 delays as well as the exit star Ruby Rose – Batwoman is back. Javicia is once again playing Ryan Wilder.

Despite this upheaval, Batwoman was quick enough to renew her season three contract, ensuring that the female caped crusader would return to Gotham City once and for all.

Leslie has settled into her cowl with less drama and Leslie has settled down a bit more behind-the-scenes. She can now continue her conflict in Falseface Society, as she also introduces some new enemies from Batman’s vast rogue list.

She might not be able to fight crime alone. Spoiler Alert for UK viewers!) – Season 2 introduced Batwing, the first live-action Batwing, and Kate Kane’s reintroduction (now played by Wallis Day), which means we could have a double helping Batwomen.

An Arrowverse showcase shows there’s always the chance of a crossover…

Here are the details about Batwoman Season Three.

What Is The Release Date For Batwoman Season 3?

Nothing is worse than reaching the end of a season and waiting to find out if your favorite TV show will be returning. “Batwoman” fans were able this time to skip the waiting. The CW renewed the show in February after it had picked up several Arrowverse programs and a few other programs. The news came just three episodes into Season 2, so fans could enjoy the show and not worry.

However, this is not the only good news Batman fans have heard. We already know when Season 3 of Batwoman will debut. The CW has announced its fall premiere dates, following the May reveal of its entire fall schedule. “Batwoman,” previously aired on Sundays, will now be aired on Wednesdays in the fall. It will be paired alongside DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The new episodes will debut Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 9/8c.

Batwoman Season 3: cast

Javicia Leslie will again be in the cape with the cowl as Ryan Wilder, but there won’t be any main character shakeup.

Meagan Tany will play Sophie Moore, Campus, and Luke Johnson as Luke Fox, Nicole Kang (Mary Hamilton), and Rachel Skarsten (Alice).

After Ruby Rose’s departure, Kate Kane’s last year, another original character will be playing by a big-name actor – Dougray’s Jacob Kane.

Jacob experienced a rough two-season run after he was overcome by grief and became addicted to Snakebite. Jacob was ultimately chosen by showrunners to wrap up the Crows storyline. After learning the full extent of Crows’ corruption, the Kane patriarch decided to disband Crow’s security.

“Once you made that decision (and Kate isn’t going to stay on the show), this character of Jacob had sorta run its course through that narrative line,” Caroline Dries, Entertainment Weekly.

“So it worked out that Scott was the one who got it. Jacob’s story ended up having a happy ending. It was an excellent storyline for him.

What Is The Plot Of Batwoman Season 3?

Ryan, Alice, and their Bat-Team defeated Peter Outerbridge, the villainous Black Mask, in season two of “Batwoman”. Wallis Day portrays Kate Kane.

But that wasn’t the end! “Power,” the finale ended with Luke finally stepping up as Batwing. This was followed by the promise that some of the familiar antagonists might join the fray in Season 3. In the last scene, Batman’s rogues released several items to the public including PoisonIvy’s growing vine, Penguin’s umbrella, and even Mad Hatter’s Hat. Entertainment Weekly’s Caroline Dries said that anyone can now pick up the items, meaning Season 3 will have “a mix of people who come to pick them up as well as the villains themselves and derivatives thereof.”

Fans can expect lots of family drama in Season 3. It was revealed that Ryan’s biological father is still alive. Leslie shared with him about the episode. “Now that it is possible that Ryan’s mom, her biological mum, maybe alive, I am excited for Season 3, because this [new] world is something we will be able to enter,” Leslie said.