Batwoman Season 2
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Batwoman of DC Comics is an American superhero drama. It was created by Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison. Mark Waid, Greg Rucka and Keith Giffen. Caroline Dries is the series’ creator. The series’ second season premiered on 17th January 2021. It received a rating of 3.4 on IMDb and 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Release Date

Season 1 aired from 6 Oct 2019 to 17 May 2020. It has 20 episodes. The first episode of the second season of Batwoman aired on 17/01/2021. It contains 18 episodes. The 18th episode will air on 27 June 2021. Each episode runs for 42-43 minutes. The series can be viewed on The CW Network.


Batwoman Season 2

Wallis Day and Ruby Rose joined the cast as Batwoman in the last season. The name of the character will remain the same: Katherine Kane, also known as Kate, is Bruce Wayne’s second cousin. Gracyn Shinyei portrays the younger Kate. Javicia Leslie will play Ryan Wilder in this season’s episode. She is also known as Batwoman and is highly trained.
Rachel Skarsten will be joining Elizabeth Kane (also known as Beth), who was moved from her home in the interim of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths. She is now located on Earth-Prime. She was Kate’s twin sister. Ava Sleeth will play the role of Beth.

Meagan Tandy will play Sophie Moore. Meagan is a recent graduate of the military academy. She was also a high-ranking Crows agent. Mary Hamilton, a medical student, and stepsister to Nicole Kang, will be joined by Nicole Kang in Batwoman Season 2. Campus Johnson will play the role of Luke Fox, also known by Batwing, who is the son of Lucius Fox and a faithful staunch Batman. This season, many stars have been playing the role of his Earth 99 counterpart.


The trailer for the series was already uploaded to YouTube by the CW network a few days ago. It only takes 22 seconds.

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