Batwoman Season 2

New images from Batwoman season 2 reveal the show is introducing Stephanie Brown, who’s famous in the comics as Spoiler. While she may not be a name which casual fans of the Arrowverse know, the character matches with the profound pulls Batwoman has been making from DC’s character canon throughout its run. Additionally, loyal fans are sure to recognize Spoiler and know of her long association with the Bat-family.

Stephanie Brown has a very long 29-year background in the comics. From a heroic source of taking on the moniker”Spoiler” to foil her supervillain father Cluemaster’s approaches, to joining the Bat-family by suiting up as Robin and Batgirl at various times, Stephanie has seen her fair share of activity. Throw in a romance with the next Robin, Tim Drake, and linking a superhero group led by Batwoman through DC’s Rebirth, and her epic resume is pretty complete.

EW showed new pictures in Batwoman that supported Stephanie Brown is being released in season 2. Morgan Kohan will make her debut appearance as Stephanie Brown on the May 9th episode “I Will Provide You a Clue.” In the event, her father, the Cluemaster, escapes from prison and sets his sights on Sophie, who had been in the middle of a spontaneous girls’ night with Mary and Ryan. While investigating, among those dangerous clues leads the ladies to Stephanie. Showrunner Caroline Dries States that the idea to bring in Spoiler and Cluemaster happened more or less organically in the writers’ room, explaining:

Batwoman Season 2

“[Episode 12] was a very dark episode and we wanted something much more entertaining, so girls’ night became our high concept, and then to provide it conflict we thought, ‘Well, they can not have fun for long, so let us spoil it’ along with also the Stephanie-Arthur narrative line popped out of [author Natalie Abrams’] mind and we wove it together. “

Besides her energetic with Sophie, Ryan, and Mary, it looks like Stephanie and Luke Fox may even develop a relationship over the course of the incident. While speaking on the relationship between Stephanie and the personalities in the show, Dries said”We try to anchor the characters in what we know of them in the comic books, but make them personal to our heroes – specifically Sophie and Luke. “With it already implied that Sophie had a hand in placing the Cluemaster in prison, does this mean Luke also has a link to Stephanie or the Cluemaster’s past?

While it doesn’t sound like Stephanie will be suiting up this time around, the idea of Batwoman planting the seeds to get more of the extended Bat-family is guaranteed to appeal to many fans. Being in Gotham and not hearing from any of the past Robins or even Barbara Gordan (who’s a known thing in the Arrowverse) appears very strange. And adding more deep-cut characters like Stephanie Brown will help prevent the studio entanglements of more prominent Bat-family members that have averted television appearances previously.