After Ruby Rose stopped being Batwoman, everything is set for Javicia Leslie to take over.
Batwoman hits The CW on January 17, 2021 , and they have now released a new poster and synopsis for the show’s second season. Following Ruby Rose’s surprising departure as Kate Kane , actress Javicia Leslie will take on the role of the newly created character, Ryan Wilder.

This new Batwoman will become the protector of Gotham City after Kate’s disappearance. But you shouldn’t be distracted as Hush poses as Bruce Wayne , while the False Face Society keeps trying to take over the city. But also a new villain, Safiyah , is also looking for revenge.

In the second season of Batwoman, when Ryan Wilder ( Javicia Leslie ) first discovers Kate Kane’s Bat-suit, he has no idea how his life is going to change. Ryan, a smart and sassy lesbian with a difficult past, sees the suit as her chance to finally be powerful and stop being a victim while surviving on the harsh city streets.

As Ryan becomes a vigilante in the shadows, Gotham deals with the disappearance of its heroine, believing that Batwoman has fled the city after a public confrontation with Commander Jacob Kane and the Ravens. But Kate Kane’s disappearance hits the hardest among her friends as Jacob (Dougray Scott), Sophie (Meagan Tandy), Luke (Camrus Johnson), Mary (Nicole Kang) and even Alice (Rachel Skarsten) grapple with the devastating news. . Meanwhile, the False Face Society tightens its grip on Gotham, distributing a dangerous new drug known as Snakebite, “Bruce Wayne” (Warren Christie) who is actually Hush, keeps wreaking havoc, while Safiyah (Shivaani Ghai) emerges with plans for revenge.

It’s not long before Ryan realizes how much the symbol on the suit means to Gotham, launching her on a personal journey that takes her from a fledgling surrogate to a crusade for justice, from living in her truck with her plant to chase villains in the Batmobile. Ryan Wilder becomes a Batwoman very different from Kate Kane, her own Batwoman, but with the same understanding of what it means to be a hero.