Baptiste Season 2
Tcheky Karayo, The Missing’s star, and breakout star will return to BBC One in the role of Julien Baptiste (detective Julien Baptiste) on BBC One. Who will be in season 2’s cast? Read the riveting story so far.

Baptiste is back to handle one final case.

Tcheky Karayo’s legendary detective, who viewers first met during BBC thriller The Missing on BBC One, will return to our screens soon for a second spinoff series.

Season 2 of Baptiste is nearing completion and Fiona Shaw, (Harry Potter and Fleabag), joins the cast. She will play the lead role in the latest twist-filled mystery from Harry and Jack Williams’ imagination.

Here’s everything you need about season 2 of Baptiste.

When Is Baptiste Season 2 Release Date?

The gap between The Missing and Baptiste was two years. We had expected a wait of a few more years. We should be glad that there hasn’t been a pandemic.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait. Baptiste BBC one will broadcast season 2 Sunday, July 18th at 9 p.m.┬áIt’s coming soon!

Baptiste Season 2

Who is in the Baptiste season 2 cast?

Tcheky Karyo, as Julien Baptiste, will direct the new season.

The French actor stated, “I am so excited about Harry and Jack for the new audacious stories in Hungary.”

“I can’t believe I’m about to embark on Julien’s adventure and all the emotions that he’s about to experience. “I’m excited to share this amazing journey with an amazing cast.”

Fiona Shaw, a British Ambassador who is looking for relatives in Hungary, will join him.

Shaw said, “I’m honored to be joining this enormously talented and committed group with the superb writings of Harry and Jack Williams under the direction of Thomas Napper.”

“I am so blessed to be working with the best of the next generation!”

What is Baptiste series two all about?

Baptiste tells of Julien Baptiste a French private detective who is specialized in finding missing persons.

His first appearance was in series 1 and 2 of The Missing. He then appeared in his spin-off series.

The investigator experienced heartbreak in the first series when his son was revealed as a corrupt cop and killed his mother.

After all the pain and trauma, he is back to work on another case.

The British Ambassador Emma Chambers and her family disappear while on holiday in the Hungarian Mountains. In series 2, Baptiste becomes immersed in Emma’s world and sets out to find her husband, as well as her two sons.

Julien must deal with a Hungarian police department he does not trust and media members who are also involved in the case when it takes a different turn.