• Virat Kohli has released a video suggesting Ajinkya Rahane
  • Ajinkya Rahane will captain the Indian team during the last three Tests in Australia

Virat Kohli will go on paternity leave after the first Test in Australia. After this, Ajinkya Rahane will be the captain of the Indian team in place of Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli has given a statement regarding Rahane’s captaincy. Virat Kohli said that this will be a golden opportunity for Ajinkya Rahane (Ajinkya Rahane) to take a step forward as a player and captain.

The BCCI posted a video from its Twitter handle in which Virat Kohli is seen saying that both of us have mutual understanding and respect. We also have partnerships batting together. It is built on trust and understanding, which is very important for the team. Jinks (Ajinkya) has done a great job as captain in two practice matches. He is aware of the strength of the team and also knows how to proceed.

Virat Kohli’s complete statement

Kohli also said that the kind of cricket we have played is a collective effort of the team. These are efforts, it is not that I made a strategy and put it in front of people. The entire team has implemented them together. We know the mold of the game and also know how to go forward. We are both on the same page and I am confident that in my absence he will do a great job for the team.

Virat Kohli also said that this is the time when Ajinkya Rahane should go one step ahead and perform personally as well as better in captaincy. He said that in the face of the Test cricket situation, it has a format to come out strongly. It is important to know when to attack and when to defend.

It is noteworthy that the Indian team will start the series against Australia with the Pink Ball Test in Adelaide. Virat Kohli will return to India after this match. Ajinkya Rahane will be captained in the remaining three matches.