Lucifer Season 6

After months of anticipation, the countdown to Lucifer season 5B is underway as is the wait for Lucifer season 6!

Although, it is still uncertain when exactly the final season of Lucifer might arrive, Netflix has confirmed the second half of this show’s fifth season will (finally!) According to Friday, May 28. Having a return date set, the focus has changed from once the season will arrive at spoilers about what’s to come in the upcoming second half of season 5 as well as the show’s farewell season.

Understandably, the creative team behind Lucifer is maintaining all significant spoilers under lock and key; however, that doesn’t mean they are opposed to discussing any insights and teases about the seasons ahead!

At a new live Q&A-style event, co-showrunner Joe Henderson caught up with Word Planner host John Siuntres to discuss his new comic Shadecraft along with the upcoming two seasons of Lucifer. Even though Henderson dodged most spoiler-laced questions, he’d provide a few interesting teases about the upcoming episodes.

Are There Going To Be An Animated Episode In Lucifer Season 6?

When talking about Lucifer season 6, Henderson was careful with his words; however, he did share one intriguing fact about the next installment of this year which saw the creative team attempting something they have never before tried on the series.

Lucifer Season 6

“There’s something we do in episode 3 of season 6 which we’ve never achieved before which allowed us to find some cool out-of-the-box episode stuff,” Henderson teased. “I will leave it as obscure as that. You guys may see.”

Henderson was vague with his tease, but the phrasing of the reveal promptly sent up a range of red flags which have fans questioning whether there will be an animated episode in Lucifer season 6.

There aren’t much Lucifer has not done before in its first five seasons; however, 1 thing the show has not yet attempted is an animated episode or an animated sequence. There are also no denying that cartoon grants creative teams the freedom to do particular things not possible to achieve in live-action – notably out-of-the-box design things!

Just this past year, The Blacklist discovered a way to incorporate animation mixed with live-action – albeit under unique circumstances – and we have also observed other Warner Bros. possessions swing for the fences with animated episodes such as Supernatural’s”Scoobynatural” animated occasion which enabled the series to once more try something completely out of the box with moments just possible in animation.

Given Lucifer is based on a picture book, an animated episode could be a fun nod to the show’s origins and permit the creative team the opportunity to explore locations which may be too pricey to make using CGI – such as unexplored aspects of Hell as well as Heaven. It could also be a fun way to push the envelope with some struggle and action sequences which could only be achieved through animation.

At the moment, no Lucifer season 6 animated episode has been announced, but it seems very possible one can occur in the show’s final season linking the series’s other standout episodes including season 5’s musical and Noir-style episodes.