Lucifer Season 6 has been a rage among fans of this series that is eagerly waiting for the next season of the series. The writer’s area of this series has been tweeting subtle clues as to what fans can expect from the next season of Lucifer. Amid this, the productions announced that DB Woodside will be making his directorial debut for one incident on Lucifer season. The manufacturers expressed their joy since they announced that DB Woodside will be donning the director’s hat for an episode.

What Episode Of Lucifer Will DB Woodside Direct?

It is expected that DB Woodside will soon be directing the eighth installment out of Lucifer season 6. For this, the celebrity will be stepping into the director’s shoes for the first time.

The episode is titled Save the Devil, Save the world, according to the news portal. Aiyana White has written this episode and DB Woodside is set to guide it. Reacting to the news, the actor tweeted “That is going be enjoyable” and thus expressed his delight for directing an incident. The synopsis for the incident has not been shown yet and fans would need to wait before the release of season 6 to welcome director, DB Woodside. The lovers will also have to wait to know, why Lucifer needs saving in this episode as the name would indicate.

The Lucifer showrunners have also expressed their joy for getting DB Woodside on the manager’s seat. Along with the showrunners, a few cast members also tweeted DB Woodside giving him their best wishes and stating that they are proud of him. Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer on-screen also composed a tweet to get his onscreen brother congratulating him for his newest venture. He expressed how thrilled he is to get back together with him on screen and behind the camera. Fans too expressed their absolute pleasure for having DB Woodside on the manager’s chair and tweeted good wishes for the celebrity.