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An American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service, Netflix has been dominating the streaming world for a while now. In the same way, businesses in other areas continually look to adapt and evolve; the streaming giant aims to do the same after bringing out a detailed selection of mobile-friendly games in November 2021.

After all, gaming on a miniature handheld device is booming today. Smash-hit releases like PUBG Mobile have recorded massive revenues, America’s top online blackjack games for 2023 continue to pull in mobile gamers, and the variety of accessories people can purchase to improve the overall experience of smartphone gaming has elevated it even further.

In 2022, mobile games accounted for 50% of the global games market in terms of revenues. As such, it’s therefore entirely understandable as to why Netflix would want a slice of the pie and have put together a fairly strong team of people to lead the streaming service’s charge into the gaming category of entertainment.

Netflix hired former EA executive Mike Verdu.

Netflix certainly isn’t holding back in its attempt at making waves in the gaming world. The company has purchased gaming studios, it’s working with huge developers, and it has managed to acquire the services of respected names from the industry, such as Mike Verdu. The company’s vice president of game development has worked for the likes of EA Mobile and Zynga and has huge experience in this lucrative entertainment area. This appointment and a range of other big moves, such as hiring Halo lead Joseph Staten, suggest that Netflix means business.

There are some great games on Netflix.

While Netflix’s gaming offering probably can’t compete with any title that can be hosted on Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, some viable products still deserve to be sampled. It should probably come as no surprise, given that Netflix purchased Oxenfree developer Night School.

With an even stronger push into the gaming world in 2023, Netflix is beginning to house some impressive gaming titles that can be played for free alongside a regular subscription at no additional cost. For example, Asphalt Xtreme is a much-loved racer that serves up epic action as gamers aim to master testing tracks and handle fast cars in this solid release. Even games like Into the Dead Two offer plenty of entertainment as Netflix gamers aim to take down hordes of zombies in this exhilarating release. Other titles like Spiritfarer and Krispee Street also deserve mention.

Stranger Things 3: The Game is an interactive accompaniment

Another top title to play on Netflix is Stranger Things 3: The Game, a release based solely on the show filled with supernatural forces and secret government exploits. The game provides a potential glimpse into the future of gaming on Netflix, with viewers of the show able to watch the third season of the series and play this interactive product simultaneously. More games like this could be on the cards as Netflix looks to grow its range of games further.