American Horror Story Season 10

The production of “American Horror Story” Season 10 has been running since October 2020 and a first set picture with Macaulay Culkin has now been released. You can read all the new information here.

What the new episodes are all about is of course kept secret again. However, series manufacturer Ryan Murphy released the first image from the set through Instagram. Netzwelt has summarized all info regarding the brand new season for you below.

Release Date

Since the previous seasons of this series appeared annually in September or October, we’d have expected the same for season 10. Regrettably, the production and Ryan Murphy’s work on additional projects, such as” The Politician”, has been postponed due to the Corona crisis.

Ryan Murphy announced on Instagram the creation of this new season will begin in October 2020. In addition, he left the second reference to season 10 – the image of a very sharp dentition. He had posted the first poster for the new season, where two hands can be seen pulling themselves out of the sea to the coast. As a result of the beginning of production in October 2020, the broadcast of this season on FX cannot be expected until 2021.

American Horror Story Season 10


There are still no official trailer for the new season. As soon since this is released, we’ll notify you about it.

That’s What Season 10 Is About

All insights to the storyline of the season suggest a sea ​​motif. After the lovers created some speculations, which, among other things, contended that the alien story from season 2 could be consumed again, the poster for the new season contradicted those thoughts.

The headline”Things are beginning to clean up on shore…” is written above both hands that pull themselves from the water on soil. But, we can only guess just what is being washed ashore.

What one can already suspect, however, is that cherries won’t be great to consume this particular something. Ryan Murphy released a brand new poster for season 10 in a different mysterious Instagram post. Another wide-open mouth, then peppered with razor-sharp.


AHS maker Ryan Murphy posted a teaser on his Instagram channel listing all the actors who will perform a part in season ten.

Macaulay Culkin (“Kevin Home Alone”) will make his”American Horror Story” introduction in season 10. Ryan Murphy is shown in a meeting with E! News he has planned a crazy sex scene with the celebrity and Kathy Bates for the new season, which is also back in season 10.