American Horror Story Season 10

American Horror Stories is set to premiere in July followed by the season of this flagship series, subtitled Double Feature, the next month.

Prepare for a summer of fear since American Horror Stories and American Horror Story season 10 are set to debut in the forthcoming months. American Horror Stories is going to be another anthology series from Ryan Murphy. This time, however, each episode will tell a different story. Murphy confirmed the series in May 2020, but the advice has stayed rare about what he has in store. American Horror Stories will bring back AHS’s original cast and attribute 16 standalone episodes which will delve into legends and myths, but as for what sort of tales that show will tell, that remains a mystery.

On the other end of the iconic horror franchise, American Horror Story’s long-awaited landmark tenth season has faced several flaws. Murphy revealed that the season is going to be called Double Feature and tell two separate tales, one on land and one at the sea. Other than that, plot details are slim, as Murphy and co. like to keep matters as cryptic as you can going into each season. Cast member Angelica Ross recently said that she believed American Horror Story season 10 premieres in June and while that is not finally the case, FX chairman John Landgraf has teased when the series will premiere.

American Horror Story Season 10

Deadline reports that Landgraf has shown that spinoff American Horror Stories will bow on Hulu in July. American Horror Story season 10 will follow the spinoff. Though Landgraf didn’t offer a specific date for the series premiere, he did indicate the 10-episode Double Feature will conclude its run on Halloween.

Together with American Horror Story season 10 finishing in the fall, that means the show could premiere as soon as August 29 when October 31 is the precise date on which its finale will air. This news will be exciting to AHS lovers – typically the show premieres sometime in the fall, with September and early October premiere dates shared. With each of the flaws that the show has confronted, though, it makes sense that FX would need to publish the show as soon as possible.

With both series’ premiere dates a few short months away, a trailer may be coming for either show any day now. American Horror Stories is uncharted territory for the community, so FX might have any number of surprises in store. Together with American Horror Story season 10, though, the network will likely wish to continue playing their cards near the chest, conserving the big surprises and shows for the episodes themselves rather than a trailer. Still, with both series coming shortly, summer 2021 is looking as scary as ever.