Ambiano Portable Ice Maker Reviews | Is It Worth Purchasing?


Phew!! The thought of having a drink without ice in this scorching heat makes me want to run for the hills. More often than not, it happens that we run out of ice from our freezers and have to take a plunge for the end-moments shopping spree to the supermarket, only to realize how out of luck we are! And what best time for that to happen other than when we have company over at our place.

Ambiano Portable Ice Maker Reviews

In order to find a solution to that extremely awkward situation, we have decided to get a review of Ambiano Portable Ice Makers, for you. Finally, no more embarrassing escapades in front of the guests- now you too can get the ice ready in a jiffy.

Before writing this article, we had done a comparative analysis of nearly all the good brands of ice makers in the market and found to our delight that the Ambiano Portable Ice Maker reviews outmatched all of them.

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Ambiano Portable Ice Maker Reviews | Is It Worth Purchasing?

The questions that strike us, while buying any ice maker is “Where will I keep it?”, “Will it look good on my countertop?”, “how much time will it take to make those ice cubes?”, “will it consume too much power?”, etcetera…

Well, the answer to these questions is what makes this particular product worth your while.

A bit about Ambiano (ALDI)

Ambiano is a brand of Aldi. ALDI or Aldi is a common name among the households across the Globe that is owned by two German Brothers- Karl and Theo Albrecht, who founded the company in 1946. It’s now a discount supermarket chain with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries.

The people who have used any product of Ambiano are all praise for them… they compliment them for their reasonable pricing, their durability, and enhanced performances.

About Ambiano Portable Ice Maker | Features

Contents of Packaging

The product comes packed in a cardboard box bearing the labeling of the Company. In addition to the main Unit, the packaged box also contains the following items- A removable Ice Tray, an Ice Scoop, and an Instruction Manual.

The Main Parts of the Product

  • The Entire product comprises the following parts- A Water Reservoir, the Main Unit, transparent lid, A removable Ice tray, and an ice scoop.
  • The removable ice tray helps to quickly transfer the ice once it’s made.
  • The transparent lid makes viewing the operation easy.
  • There is a silicone plug that will assist in draining the water reservoir efficiently.
  • There is a control panel to manage the operation with easy to use settings.

Typically, getting a batch of 9 cubes prepared takes around 7 minutes the most. So one can get an approximate 70 cubes per hour. The company claims that the Ambiano Ice Maker can produce 26lb. of ice in 24 hours.

Technical Specifications

Nominal power- 100W

Range Voltage- 115V, 60 Hz

  • The Product is available at an astounding rate of USD 89.99, which is comparatively lesser than the ice makers of all the other brands available, none of which are below USD 100.
  • There are two sizes of ice that can be produced using the Ambiano Ice Maker, i.e., Large and small.
  • This Ice Maker is easily portable. So one can carry them for a picnic or a barbeque party without a worry.
  • The product requires no installation. All you need to do is to keep it in a shaded place or on your kitchen counter!
  • The product has an electronic control indicator, and two light indicators, one of “Add Water” and the other- “Ice Full”.
  • It is easy to clean. All you need to do is wash all the units, except the base unit in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Ambiano Portable Ice Maker Reviews | Customer Thoughts

direct ambiano customer reviews

I love this ice maker. My only problem is it quit stopping when the ice tray got full. But when I find it overflowing with ice, I empty the tray in a baggy and turn it off until the ice melts off inside. Then I start it up, and it works great. I just have to watch it a little closer. My family loves the ice because it is “soft” compared to bought ice. I save at least $1.50 a day + gas going to the store to get ice. Thanks so much for this product.” – Andy

I’ve been using it for months now, basically non-stop, although it shuts itself off whenever the ice tray is full, then starts up again when the ice melts down below the level of the electric eye. I have it in my bedroom, so I can add ice to my water at night when I wake up. I thought the noise might keep me awake, but I soon got used to it. It’s barely noticeable compared with the window A/C unit and fans I have running in my bedroom all summer.” – Stuart

Loved this! Couldn’t ask for a better product at this price.” – Stanley

The only problem I face is distinguishing between the two light indicators when its dark. Other than that, the product is awesome.” – Rachel

Other than these, the people had mostly positive things to say about this ice maker.

Closure | Ambiano Portable Ice Maker Reviews

Most portable ice makers boast of similar features- be it about their capacity or the quantity of ice that they can produce in a day. The only noticeable difference between them is their prices. 

If we go for the best and yet the cheapest ice maker available, other than this one, for USD 109.95, Knox Compact Ice Maker is available. For a little more, i.e., USD 152.99, the Ivation portable ice maker is available.

But the question is if we can get the same thing for USD 89.99, then why should we spend more! Overall, we hope that this Ambiano Portable Ice Maker Review is able to quench your queries before you set out to buy the one!