A Spaniard will drive for Renault in Abu Dhabi for the test of young drivers

He’s happy that the teams don’t want him to even roll in a test

Lando Norris doesn’t see sense that a driver with more than 300 races can participate

Fernando Alonso admitted that he is happy to see his rivals so concerned about their participation in the Formula 1 test. The Spaniard makes it clear that he only wants him to adapt even more to Formula 1 of 2021 and has been reminded that he will not be able to help much. in automotive development.

Alonso knows his name is running in the paddock this weekend after the Abu Dhabi test. But he likes it because he sees concern in his rivals, who do not want him to be in Yas Marina on the 15th at the wheel of the Renault RS20.

“I know they talk a lot about me. I’m glad rivals care so much about a test to adapt to speed. They can be quiet because I will not help anything to develop, I will just do a few kilometers for myself, ”Alonso admitted in an interview with Sky Sports F1, according to the news agency.

One of the most critical of Alonso’s involvement was Lando Norris. The Briton sees no sense that the Asturian rider can race in the young rider test. Remember this is someone who has run over 300 races already and done countless tests and feels he shouldn’t be allowed to change the rules just for the simple fact that he didn’t run in the past two years.

“I’m twice my age, so it makes me extremely young. It is clear that Fernando is not a young driver and has done more than one race, in addition to many tests during his career in Formula 1. I do not understand, I do not understand. why are we changing the rules for him? I think it should not be allowed, ”Norris criticized.