The debut season of Alien Worlds arrived today on the Netflix streaming platform in Portugal.
In the past two decades, astronomers have discovered thousands of planets outside our solar system; they believe that there are more other trillions.

If life exists only in a fraction of these planets, then the cosmos must be full of strange species. But what are these aliens like? How do they feed, reproduce and evolve?

Applying the laws of life on Earth to the rest of the universe, it is possible to imagine what lives beyond – in alien worlds.

This 4-part series mixes sequences of terrestrial documentaries with science facts and fiction to imagine what alien life on other planets will be like.

Alien Worlds is now on Netflix

Using impressive CGI and knowledge about animal and plant species on Earth, a group of scientists will be looking to build an image of alien life.

The public will see strange looking creatures inspired by people from our own planet. And while the documentary is speculative, the aim is to shed a precise light on what alien life might look like in the universe.

Alien Worlds was announced as a documentary, but it is undoubtedly geared towards science fiction, as scientists try to predict how alien life works and behaves based only on Earth creatures.