Based on the Japanese thriller manga, Alice in Borderland, the series is directed by Shinsuke Sato had its episodes made available on Netflix. With that, fans start to question about a possible Season 2. Well, here is everything we know.

Will Alice In Borderland win season 2?

Even with its recent release, Netflix has confirmed that the second season of Alice in borderland will happen. Despite maintaining a standard, where it usually takes 2 to 3 months, to confirm a renewal, the service has endorsed for the new episodes of the series.

However, expectations about the continuity of the series were already high. In addition to being well received by critics and the public, the last episode was totally open. That is, the creators already imagined a possible continuation.

Also, we must take into account the manga in which it is inspired. Originally, 18 volumes and 87 chapters were released. That is, there is a great source material available.

Release Date

As Alice in Borderland’s renewal for the second season was fast, we may see the series returning in early 2022.

Plot And Spoilers: What Will Happen?

The first season covered about 31 chapters of the manga, leaving another 33 chapters to be covered.

Alice in Borderland’s hero Arisu had a heavy hand throughout the first season. Arriving initially with two of his friends, Korube and Chota, they ended up sacrificing themselves to ensure that Arisu had the best chance of progress.

The climax of the season came during the ten-of-hearts game. In it, the beach dwellers had to guess who the “Witch” was. After many internal fights, many contestants were killed in the confusion of the game, but Arisu was able to correctly predict the Witch’s identity, revealing that it was Momoka.

On the trail of Niragi burning the beach mansion, the contestants placed the witch’s body on fire and thus completed the game.

Arisu and Usagi then discovered that Momoka and Asahi were not competitors, but resellers. The role of traffickers was to sabotage games in exchange for visas. Thanks to the evidence on Momoka’s phone, Arisu and Usagi were able to locate the underground control room, but they realized that the gamemasters had been killed.

In the final moments, a woman, Mira appears on the screens and reveals that the games are just beginning, and invites everyone to compete in the next stage of the game. Upon returning to the surface, the contestants witnessed airships flying through the city of Tokyo with cards hanging below them.

With many games to be challenged, Arisu and Usagi have a long way to go before they escape. The pair will have to continue playing if they hope to solve the mystery that surrounds the world and who are the gamemasters who command it.

Cast: Who Will Return

Alice in borderland stars Kento Yamazaki. He lives young Arisu, obsessed with video games. Keita Machida and Yuki Morinaga live with the friends of Arisu, Daikichi Karube and Chota Segawa.

Tao Tsuchiya, on the other hand, is the mysterious young woman who navigates the desert world independently, Yuzuha Usagi. Finally, Nijiro Murakami (Chishiya), Aya Asahina (Kuina), Tsuyoshi Abe (Kuzuryu), Mizuki Yoshida (Asahi) and Riisa Naka (Mira) complete the cast.

However, much of this cast will not return. Many of the characters were killed at the end of the first year. This means that we will have a large number of new faces in the second season.

About Alice In Borderland

Ryohei is a young man without a job and obsessed with video games. During a festival, he wishes for a new life in another world. Everything he wants is more exciting day by day than the one he and his friends live in. Suddenly, his wish is granted and alongside his friends, they appear in a parallel world. However, the only key to getting out of it all is to play.