Since its release on Netflix, Alice in Borderland has been a real success. Several clues lead us to believe that a season 2 would be in preparation on Netflix … Warning, spoilers.

The Alice in the Borderland series on Netflix follows the daily lives of people trapped in parallel Tokyo, forced to commit the worst to survive. Since its release on the platform on December 10, the show has proven that subscribers are fond of this type of manga-inspired program. Indeed, Alice in Borderland is currently in the Top 10 of the most-watched content in 50 different countries including France. One more reason to think that Netflix will decide to offer a sequel to the Japanese series, while the cliffhanger leaves us with many unanswered questions …

Be careful, spoilers start here. After episode 8, we can see that the inhabitants of La Plage are fighting to get the last card, the famous 10 of hearts. As we know, this is a sensitive and difficult event, because it highlights the feelings of the players. If Arisu & Usagi come out victorious and begin to understand the inner workings of the game in which they live, they later learn that they still have many trials to face. And that’s good because the first season only adapted 31 chapters of the saga, 33 others still have to be staged for a potential season 2 or even 3.

Survivors learn that Mira, a person is previously seen at La Plage could be one of the masters of the game, but it’s hard to believe that she runs the entire organization. From now on, Arisu & Usagi will have to fight to win the cards with figures if they want to hope to find their reality and understand why they are going through all this. If we look at the clues left by the conclusion of Season 1, Season 2 could be released in the summer of 2021. Indeed, we can read many posters pasted on the buildings in July of next year. We just have to wait for the renewal announcement from Netflix, but for now, find out if the After You, Chaos series can also get a season 2.