The Alibaba founder’s absence was quite noticeable in the talent awards of his conglomerate “Africa’s Business Heroes” at the end of November last year.
Since the Xi Jinping government began a confrontation with Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, the businessman has not appeared in public. It has been out of the media spotlight for more than two months and all kinds of rumors are being generated about it.

Jack Ma’s absence was quite noticeable in the talent awards.

At “Africa’s Business Heroes” at the end of November last year.The Telegraph reported that an Alibaba executive replaced him during the event and no public appearance has been achieved from the Chinese businessman.

The Financial Times assured, however, that Jack Ma’s lack of appearances is due to an agency problem. Despite this assumption, the businessman had posted on his Twitter account in August that he couldn’t wait for the awards ceremony.

The media around the world believe that the disappearance of Jack Ma is related to his confrontation with the Chinese government and the communist party of the Asian country, as he urged not to use yesterday’s regulation to manage the future, in addition to ensuring that China needs “less bureaucracy.”

The blows to the Chinese conglomerate began after Ma gave a speech on October 24 at a Shanghai forum, as the repercussions were immediate when the Ant Group, a subsidiary of Alibaba, was halted from the IPO; the government demanded new conditions that would bring Ma’s company into line with the capital’s banking standards.

After a few weeks, the company was once again the focus of government obstacles as an antitrust investigation was launched in which Alibaba was accused of forcing other companies to sign exclusivity agreements.