• Bray Wyatt’s partner faced “The Viper” on this week’s broadcasts on USA Network
  • Alexa warns that The Fiend returned ‘home’, and could return to WWE very soon

During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts through USA Network, superstar Alexa Bliss warned Randy Orton that “The Fiend” survived the attack suffered at TLC 2020.

This week on RAW, Randy Orton reappeared in front of the cameras for the first time since the Firefly Inferno Match. “The Viper” described his difficult experience when facing “The Fiend” in a heads-up, and clarified that despite having been a complicated challenge, he enjoyed every second when he scorched the body of his rival.  Orton declared Bray Wyatt a death threat and proclaimed himself the true living hell of the company.

To the surprise of the RKO man, the lights on the ThunderDome went completely out. Alexa Bliss appeared in the ring on a swing, inviting Randy Orton to her “playground.” After teasing a bit with “The Viper”, Alexa clarified that The Fiend had not disappeared after suffering that attack on TLC. Bray Wyatt’s partner clarified that the fire only sent the creature “back home” and it was only a matter of time before it returned to WWE in order to get revenge on Randy Orton.

Randy Orton made the Fiend disappear in WWE TLC

At 2020 Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Randy Orton and The Fiend met in the first Firefly Inferno Match in WWE history. The showdown was the main event of the most recent pay-per-view round. Bray Wyatt came close to claiming victory with his Mandible Claw, but Randy reversed the maneuver by driving him into the flames. Bray Wyatt was burned completely until he reached the ring and passed out completely. “The Viper” did not hesitate twice and doused his opponent’s body with gasoline. A single match was enough to bathe the demon’s immobile body in fire, which he watched carefully as he left the ring to close tonight’s broadcasts.

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