At a Goya gala marked by the memories of the victims of the Covid and the cultural sector strongly affected by the pandemic, Alberto San Juan put the political touch, usual in this event, and has charged directly against a part of the Government of Spain, specifically against the socialist sector. I tell the Socialist Party that human rights cannot at the same time be goods of interest with which speculations are made and housing is a very basic human right said the actor.

One of the four protagonists of Sentimental, Cesc Gayo, has taken advantage of his speech after receiving the Goya Award as a supporting actor to criticize the Socialists for their rejection of the limits on rent in homes that this past week was staged by Minister José Luis Ábalos and that defends its coalition partner, Podemos, and that appears in the government agreement sealed by both parties. They are not new statements and political acts of Alberto San Juan that already in 2016 regained the children ‘s play The Witch and Don Cristobal by the puppeteers Alfonso Lazaro and Raul Garcia were jailed in Madrid for an alleged crime of glorification of terrorism or headed the famous No to war with Willy Toledo at the 2003 gala. Both cases occurred with a center-right government in power.

But this time it has been a left-wing party that has been questioned by the Madrid actor, declared a leftist on multiple occasions, who has still wanted to charge against the PSOE for its refusal to limit rents. A speech that has been praised by the other part of the coalition government, Podemos. Thank you Alberto San Juan for taking to the # Goya2021 the defense of the right to housing said the party through its Twitter account along with the video of the actor’s intervention.


The second political touch of the gala came from the hand of the writer and director Mabel Lozano who has denounced “the complicity of those who buy women like a plate of meat by receiving the Goya for Best Documentary Short Film for Biography of the corpse of a woman and which, as she explained gives a voice to thousands of women who are victims of trafficking. The woman from Toledo, who has specialized in documentaries and reports on this type of practice, recalled that these women victims of trafficking come to our country in search of an opportunity because they have debts and are stripped of their rights.