• AJ Styles talks about the future of Riddle and Keith Lee within WWE.

WWE Superstar AJ Styles was recently interviewed by WWE India’s Ganelin Mendoza. During the interview he spoke, Styles chose three rising Superstars in whom he sees potential.

” Riddle definitely has something special. He’s a talent you must see in the future. He’s going to be a huge star,” Styles said. ” Keith Lee is another one of those guys who is super powerful and can do things that a great man should not be able to do. There is no question that he is already qualified to reach the top.

” Number three, it’s difficult. Who would be number three? It could be someone from NXT or who hasn’t fully emerged yet and hasn’t shown their true potential. I’m not sure who that could be, so number three would. we will leave it unanswered. ”

Styles also spoke about the Boneyard Match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. Styles admitted it was an incredible experience, but if he were to fight Taker again he would want it to be on a different stage.

“I don’t know if I picked the right match to face The Undertaker,” Styles said. ” We were on his turf. I would change that, it wouldn’t be a Boneyard Match if I fought him again. I would love to face Undertaker again, but not in a Boneyard. I think I can defend myself, but maybe I didn’t because I didn’t know where to go. I got in and wasn’t fully prepared. “

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