After Life will be back for Season 3 in Netflix. Star Ricky Gervais has signed a new deal with the streaming service that will see the third run of episodes materialize on the platform later on. The comic will also produce a series of other jobs as part of that deal, such as new stand-up comedy specials.

“I had been planning to retire shortly and just wander around the home drunk until I die, but I have grown a bit tired of doing that throughout the lockdown, and also Netflix made me an offer that I couldn’t deny,” Gervais said in an announcement to THR.

Gervais had indicated that he was not performed with After Life even as Season 2 debuted on Netflix on April 24. The series follows the life span of journalist Tony, who is grieving the loss of his wife after she dies from breast cancer. The character decides to start taking a brutally honest approach to life in the wake of her death. This will be the first scripted series of Gervais’ production to push beyond the boundaries of two seasons, together with the first series of The Office, Extras and Derek all finishing at the point.

“I could see myself performing a third time for the first time because I love the entire world,” There are many strong characters. I would say six characters could have their very own sitcom; that could be the lead in a sitcom. The location is a personality, I believe. We have only seen five hours of all those people. That’s nothing. How do you know someone in five hours? You know, it is still only half a year of an American sitcom, if you count both seasons.”

He added he hadn’t run out of After Life thoughts because “We have not gone in-depth with a number of these characters. You can keep twisting the knife. It is the tip of this iceberg. It is like, imagine you moved to a town and you’ve met a few people. You have spent five hours there. You don’t go,’ I think I know everything about this city. ”’

Gervais was also later asked about both the topics of this series, along with also the timing of After Life Season two’s release in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“One of the ideas in After Life is all about how the mundane saves us,” he noticed. “We want those small matters. The simple fact that the dog, literally and metaphorically, saves Tony’s life, over and over again. I state to the dog, “If you can open a can, I’d be dead today.” Death is the last taboo. It is imminent. It is going to happen. We simply don’t want it to be now, whenever it’s. But we could still joke about it. I don’t know if this makes the display any less or more upsetting or entertaining compared to any other time. But people do all of the things they’re supposed to now. They stay in. They bathe their hands. They phone their family. And then, I think they want to see Tiger King. Do you know? No one’s considering coronavirus when they are watching. And life continues. Life’s got to proceed. Life goes on.”