After Life Season 3 Updates: After Life is a British Black comedy-drama streaming TV series. It had been made and written by Ricky Gervais and has been created by Charlie Hanson. It was initially premiered on 8 March,2019 on Netflix while the next show premiered on 24 April, 2020.

The show was effective in scoring 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb and 90% viewers rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This consequently proves that the show was in a position to win the hearts of their crowd with its own scenes and never fails to make the audience laugh with its humor components. In this brief duration, the series is now a favorite of the majority of the audiences.

The series has had just two seasons until today and both of these have been effective in winning the hearts of these individuals and also have gained a great deal of profit. The initial season was established on Netflix on 8 March 2019 while the next season premiered on 24 April 2020. Each season has 6 episodes that count into a total of 12 episodes entirely.

Is there a possibility of After Life Season 3?

The confirmed news about the third season of this series was announced back in May 2020. On 6 May 2020; Netflix and Gervais signed for a lot more jobs which also contained the renewal of Later Life for a season 3.

This made the lovers leap from excitement but that was soon become a sad moment once the producers announced the next season is the last season.

There is not much info or upgrade shown to the public concerning the next season of this series. We can simply predict concerning the possibilities of occasions. Taking a look at the last pattern of episodes in the prior seasons, the season 3 may also have exactly the identical number of episodes which can be 6 episodes. Lately, a report on IMDb has also said the same.

The founder and writer of this series week, Ricky Gervais has just shared a photograph on his Instagram where he has spotted holding a clapboard which claims the filming of the first episode of this season has already begun.

Since the filming of this season has only begun a week, the date of release has not been published yet. With the pandemic still at its summit stage, it’s nearly impossible to predict the Release date because everything is cloudy today.

It may so happen that the production may need to postpone the filming of this series which will delay the discharge. But if things go right along with the filming is finished without any hurdles then the fans may have the ability to observe the third season being released by ancient 2022 or by the middle of 2022.