Here is a part of great news for some of the After Life fans that Netflix has just announced the forthcoming date of this wonderful play web television series After Life. Ricky Gervais, who’s the founder of this black comedy-drama is also the writer and the director of this collection. On 8 March 2019, the show was aired on the streaming network, Netflix. Later on 24 April 2020, its next premiere was released.

Now the productions are preparing the next season of After Life which might be the final time you get to see this series. The audiences as well as the critics highly valued this sequence. It had been rated 6.29/10 on the Rotten tomato website. Even though it was among the top 10 shows of Netflix as categorized by their popularity.

So today the lovers that are anxiously awaiting its final season here is something for you. Let’s go more in detail about After Life season 3

Release Date

Still, Netflix has formally announced the upcoming of the third season.

But there are not any official announcement of its release date, but we are expecting to have After Life season 3 around April 2021. Recently Ricky Gervais has given the information regarding the draft of After Life season 3 to their Twitter handle account.

If we see the previous two seasons’ release date, then it went in the summer of this year, so perhaps you will be able to watch this fantastic series’ final season in the center of 2021.


As you saw in the last two seasons, that season 1-star throw had returned in the season 2 with exactly the very same characters. So we are expecting in season 3 also that those exact same star cast will probably be going to reprise their function again in this upcoming one. Here is a listing of the main cast along with the characters’ titles in the sequence.

Have a look, it comprises:

  • Tony Way in the role of Lenny.
  • Diane Morgan in the role of Kath.
  • Mandeep Dhillion in the role of Sandy.
  • Kerry Godliman in the role of Lisa.
  • Ashley Jensen in the role of Emma.
  • David Bradley in the role of Ray Johnson.
  • Paul Kaye in the role of Tony.


There are no trailers that has been outside by the productions or online streaming community, Netflix. We’re expecting the new preview of the series before it’s the release date in 2021. So if you are still deprived of the show, then you must take a look at the former season trailer. It will provide you a glance in the story and the fantastic performances by its cast.

YouTube video


The entire story of After Life season 3 extends around the main character Ricky featured by Toni Johnson. The up-down that he was facing in his life following the death of his wife due to breast cancer. This comprised the whole plot of this story. He tried to commit suicide but then opt to live for his spouse by punishing the whole world who seems to be the offender in the eyes of Ricky. On the other hand, everyone tried their best to make him the right individual, but he was in his world who saw the nasty side of the earth. The entire story of the story is pictured in the fictional town of Tambury, where Tony was a journalist by profession.

In season first, we saw Tony as being completely shattered down after the grief of his wife. The struggle and hope of his Life were highlighted in season 1 which comprises six episodes. Later in season 2, we watched Tony’s strange behavior as he chose his new path to live his life again. The story provides you humor stuff into the dreadful moments, that’s the reason why it is dark humor. It provides you so many sensitive topics like the death of his wife, his melancholy, his effort to commit suicide and much more sense that will make you even more opinion to the protagonist’s life.

This is the ideal story that makes you feel happy and sad at precisely the exact same time. If we talk about this season 3, you may get to watch the recovery of Tony as the day moves he starts to dwell his life again.

The continuation of the newspaper firm is going to be shown in the upcoming season, and the brand new vibrating relation that would have been created involving Tony and Emma is the central light of Tony’s Life in season 3. So you must hold on for a few months for this wonderful stuff.