Is the Following Life Season 3 release date confirmed? Let us consider what we know about the yield of the Netflix show up to now.

Through time, Netflix is now a universally recognized hub for entertainment fans, delivering a few of their greatest titles that films and TV have to offer you.

Catering to lovers of all genres, humor fans have certainly had lots to treasure, together with these highlights round the 2010s as Sex Edection, Russian Doll, Emily at Paris, Family Reunion, and needless to say, After Life.

Created, composed, created, and directed by Ricky Gervais, this jet-black comedy-drama came on the stage back in 2019 and got considerable acclaim from critics and general audiences alike.

It made a successful return in April 2020, but has a Later Life Season 3 Release date been verified yet?


Netflix is to announce a Release date for Following Life Season 3. But, Ricky Gervais verified that filming had started on Monday, April 19th, 2021.

The 59-year-old English comic took to Twitter, posing with a clapperboard to indicate the start of the Following Life season 3 takes. He captioned the article”Action!” Two weeks after he published a photo of himself holding the”Day 1 Sides” captioned”I’d better learn my lines”

The difference between seasons 2 and 1 was approximately 13 months and Season 2 was released in April 2020. Even though this would imply a May/June 2021 Release date for the season, it is very important to factor in the delays and barriers that have emerged in reaction to this COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking this into account and the current Season production status, it is very likely that Following Life season 3 might arrive on UK screens and outside late this season.


While in dialogue with The Sun [as emphasized by the Radio Times], Ricky affirmed in 2020 that season 3 is the last Season of Later Life.
Addressing he had”already made up his mind”, he clarified:

Therefore, it seems like Following Life is put to complete with the next batch of episodes.

As of yet, it is unsure how many episodes there’ll be, though considering both seasons 1 and also happen to be composed, maybe it is sensible to expect the same this time around.

Following Life seasons 1 & 2 are currently available to flow on Netflix.