Ahead of Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release, fans are excited about the way the story will unfold. The former season finished on a sudden note, on a cliffhanger, something that wasn’t done in preceding components. Tommy Shelby sets up a plan to assassinate, Sir Oswald Mosley (Sam Clafin), a fascist politician. But he neglects to do this and is currently confused about exactly how things went awry. Peaky Blinder’s season 6 storyline will last from that point. As you’re awaiting the Release, read a few of the favorite fan theories concerning the upcoming season.

A look at Peaky Blinders Season 6 fan theories 

Black Cat at Tommy’s fantasy is Michael

Thomas Shelby in his innermost fantasies has witnessed that the existence of a black kitty. While Polly informs him that the importance of a black cat at the fantasy points towards a traitor within his life. Fans believe the most likely individual who’d betray Tommy is none other than Michael. Even previously, he’s betrayed him.

Aberama Gold is alive 

Another enthusiast theory points involving the survival of yet a different personality, Aberama Gold. Peaky Blinders fans are utilized to watching a character die and creating a comeback. Before Arthur’s grand return in the past season shocked that the lovers, given he expired a couple of seasons ago. On the flip side, Alfie Solomon was shot in the head and he made his appearance in another season. Although Abrams has been taken several times, fans think there is some unfinished business with Billy Boys that may guarantee his return.

Gina Gray is working with Oswald Mosley

Gina Gray was trying quite tough to fit in because of her birth. Her hatred towards Shelby’s family started when she had been treated as an outsider. Now lovers think something is happening between her and Oswald Mosley. Throughout the ballerina performance in the Shelby home, the duo shared a glimpse at one another. This may increase the theory that she’s set up from Mosley to find dirt around the household from the interior.

Mosley was aware that Tommy would betray him

This will not come as a surprise, since Tommy and Mosley are not each other’s most significant fans. On account of this gypsy history, Tommy does not align with the racist stereotyping that Mosley believes. On many occasions, Mosley has disrespected Tommy’s spouse and also has sent risks to him. The actual question arises how did Mosley understand that Tommy is going to make a move.

Billy Grade is a double agent 

Considering that the moment, Peaky Blinders kidnapped and held him as a hostage, Billy has not been their huge enthusiast. While he’s a singer by profession, he’s been receiving threats from Arthur in each incident. Fans think he has the prospect of turning into a spy because Arthur told him that the plans about murdering Mosley.