Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket returned to the path of defeats after falling to Herbalife Gran Canaria in a match that came even to a fourth-quarter that was the grave for Marcelo
Nicola’s men, who had managed to overcome 13 points. Those last 10 minutes ended up deciding a match in which the GBC combined minutes of inspiration with others of notable offensive jam that prevented them from having the consistency necessary to aspire to their second consecutive victory. Note that neither Motos, nor Olaizola, nor Francis played a single second.

Faggiano opened the scoring with a triple and Radoncic continued to give Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket the first lead (5-0). However, Shurna opened the ban for Gran Canaria who, from the triple, destroyed the San Sebastian team by signing a 6/8 in the first quarter. Special mention for Shurna himself (3/4) who, together with Okoye (2/3), combined to add 17 points between them.

Once again, the defensive intensity of the Donostiarras left much to be desired. Comfortable shots from 6.75 and simple baskets in the paint forced Marcelo
Nicola’s men to maintain a scoring rhythm from which they are miles away to stay in the game. Thus, after a triple from Dimsa, Nicola called for his first time out (13-22).

The GBC came out with a triple by Tomàs that had a response in Okoye and Shurna to extend the income to 10 points (28-38), which would be 11 at halftime after another shot of three scored by the Nigerian forward (20-31 ).

Okoye himself put the maximum advantage for Herbalife Gran Canaria as soon as the second quarter started (20-33), but that tremendous scoring facility that Fisac’s team had exhibited until then disappeared. Much had to do with the defensive improvement in San Sebastian, but also the insular mistake. The hoop became small for them and little by little the GBC began to close the gap.

Magarity and Dee gave air to a Guipuzcoan attack, which was not being a wonder either. Two consecutive triples by Denver guard and Radoncic and a basket in the Echenique zone put the GBC within two points (31-35). Stevic, the only offensive solution for the Canaries, scored a basket, but another triple by Dee put Gipuzkoa Basket to a single point (36-37). However, a slip by Faggiano allowed Slaughter to score a triple and a final basket from Stevic sent the game into the break with a small income for Gran Canaria (36-42).

The passage through the changing rooms was an inspiration for Nicola’s. A triple from Radoncic, a two-plus one from Echenique, a layup from Span, and a triple from eight meters from Oroz signed an 11-0 run that caused Fisac ​​to time out (47-42).

The stoppage made the San Sebastian bad, who lost inspiration. Okoye served as a plunger with his third triple and hurting the low post with his physical superiority over Span. The GBC collected errors in the launch and some losses until Okouo ended the drought of almost five minutes without scoring and the partial of 0-8 (49-50).

The last four minutes of the quarter were very poor. Gran Canaria only managed to score three free throws and the GBC did not do much better. Okoro’s free-kick and a triple at the end of Radoncic’s possession sent the game into the last period with swords raised (53-53).

Gipuzkoa Basket did not take advantage of a couple of possessions to get ahead and Gran Canaria woke up to sign a 0-13 run that Dee cut (55-66) after almost five minutes without scoring. In the next action, a triple by Slaughter gave the maximum income to those of Fisac (55-69) who four minutes from the end had the game in their pocket. Beirán extended the income to 15 points (58-73), but the GBC refused to throw in the towel, and with Oroz’s second triple and a counterattack culminated by Echenique he closed the gap (63-73). Fisac stopped the game again at 2’43 ” for the conclusion and Albicy returns began to sentence a game that Slaughter closed from a free-kick and the French base culminating a counterattack (65-79).


Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket: Span (4), Radoncic (13), Tomàs (4), Faggiano (5) and Echenique (14) -starting five- Dee (8), Magarity (2), Okouo (9) and Oroz (6 ).

Herbalife Gran Canaria: Slaughter (12), Dimsa (9), Shurna (9), Okoye (14) and Stevic (12) -starting five- Albicy (7), Balcerowsky (2), Burjanadze (7), Beirán (4 ), Diop (3).

Partials: 20-31, 16-11, 17-11, 12-26.

Referees: Cortés, Sánchez and Merino.

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